Guide to Make your Own Website!

Guide to Make your Own Website!
08 May 2015

Hi Folks,
There are many ways to make your presence on the internet. It can be using social media or creating your profile on different websites. If you want to dig more deep, you should then establish your own online brand website & market it so after spending 2-3 years you should have a significant place among the internet bloggers. Below I’ve compiled a a list of basic things you should have to start your website.

1. Unique Idea
It is important to surf the internet & check what is missing in the category of your interest & fill that gape by coming up with your  idea. You can draw your website ideas on papers & fine tune one final plan to move forward with.

2. Domain Name
It is very important to buy an easy to remember & less alphabet domain name for your business. You will have to spend good amount of time at this stage because the domain name is going to be your identity online & you cannot compromise it by using a difficult name. There are many interesting websites to assist you in selecting your domain name & you can use them to get your domain name suggestions. DomainsBot, DomainIt & Nametumbler are the best tools I used in the past.

3. Hosting
Once you select your domain name, you need to buy professional hosting service to host your website. I always prefer for the new bloggers because it is cheap & very useful for you to manage your website. It will give you access to cpanel of your hosting to setup the website, email account & other features.

4. Website Design
It is important to design your website in a CMS that you are familiar with. For example, if you know about wordpress use that CMS for your website. You can buy a professional website template & modify that as per your requirement using website admin panel. If you are not sure how to do so, please consult a web design company in your area or go online at to find a professional web developer to help you out.

5. Social Media Accounts
It is always recommended that you should reserve your brand name on facebook, twitter & other social media sites immediately after you decide your domain name. Social media is now a days giving more than 60% of website traffic. You should post all important updates about your blog contents on social media sites so people can visit the site.

6. Update on Daily Bases
You will have to stay alert & work hard to update your website contents on daily bases because this is exactly what you expect from other blogs so your website visitors are also looking for the same amount of unique contents, articles on your website.

7. Marketing Tools
It is important that you must invest some funds to market your website using different online tools including Google Adword & facebook ads to propagate your website around the world.  You can always select your target audience to avoid extra spending.

8. Earn Money
A blogging should be your first passion but you can always earn a living by using different earning methods. These methods includes google adsense ads & other affiliate programs related to your website niche. You cannot become rich over night but you can earn a potential amount if you keep on working hard with your website.

There are many other things you should consider into account while working on your website & that you can learn time to time but these 8 points are very important keep in mind before jumping into the world of bloggers.


Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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