Google – 10 Mysterious and Compelling Features

Google – 10 Mysterious and Compelling Features
22 Sep 2015

1. Barrel Roll

This amusing Google trick is simply done by typing “do a barrel roll” in the search engine and the Google page will roll around the screen which is associated with winning a particular stage of a game. Interestingly enough, many people are not so familiar with this trick.

2. Pursue Your Parcel

If you are one of those people who frequently conduct online purchases through eBay or some other websites, and constantly follow up and track their item, then this unique Google characteristic is for you. You are not required to insert any tracking number into different sender websites. You can simply enter your tracking number in the Google’s search bar and Google will obediently provide you with all the details you are seeking regarding your package.

3. Locate Your Flight

Tracking your flight status is another smart and useful feature of Google. When you type in the flight number and name of the airline in the Google’s search engine, the top most result will give you all the details of the flight like the time of arrival or departure with any additional information such as telling you if the flight is delay or on time etc. All you require is a computer or a mobile device and you don’t have to perform any other efforts such as contacting the airline crew.

4. Eliminate Search Items

Whenever your search item has a second meaning or a close correspondence with something else, it can be irritating and gruelling to dig out the results that you are looking for. However you can exclude the junk by using ‘-’ sign.

5. Recreating Gmail Address

An intriguing feature of Gmail is that it does not identify any dots in its system, which therefore enables you to generate various email addresses by inserting dots anywhere you wish. So for example, an email that has been sent to the address and will end up in the same Gmail account as like mentioned earlier Gmail does not believe dots to be characters therefore both email addresses are treated the same way.

6. BeatBox With Google Translator

If you want to revel some singing, the Google translator will do the job of entertaining you. If you simply insert a trail of unspecific and random word, you will realise that the ‘listen’ button is changed into ‘Beatbox’, which suggests that the Google translator will make the typed letters sound as beatbox.

7. Providing A Substitute

If you wish to go through a particular website of a school, college or something else that appears to be blocked or jammed, then you can use the alternative route that Google provides. Google can be utilised as a surrogate by enabling you to retrieve your page of interest, access the information and read the content. In order to find out the appropriate instance for you, just search “how to use Google as a proxy”.

8. Productive Use Of Email

If you are a very frequent email person and communication is something habitual for you then this Google feature might appear to be simple, however it is definitely a very constructive one. If you wish to respond to only one specific part of an email, you can simply highlight the required section of the text before clicking reply; by doing this you include the highlighted text in your reply as a quote and leave the rest of text out of it.

9. Advanced Calculator

Google’s good old feature of calculator is much more dynamic and functional than originally thought. In addition to the basic mathematics calculations, it can also effectively perform any logarithmic calculations. Additionally, it has some other advanced features and keys such as Cos and Sin.

10. Games on YouTube

Today no one seems to be bored when they have their Smartphone is around. However if you don’t have you phone around and you are bored then you can try out this amusing trick. You simply go onto YouTube, search for any video and then type 1980. Basically this activates a simple little game, where you have to safeguard your video from the missiles. Not bad when you are bored!


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