Bring Your Elance Reputation to Upwork

Bring Your Elance Reputation to Upwork
08 Jul 2015

We all have seen many problems in the recent past as Upwork changed itself entirely, new policies, new difficult handling, strictness and many such other things and most of us won’t deny any of it. But after all the patience, Elance has finally unveiled very great news for its valued members. The company has decided to introduce a totally new opportunity for its members via which the possibility of expanded opportunities, vast learning and new experiences will be more probable. This great news haven’t been through many ears yet, but the news will definitely catch fire in the coming future as it is one of the most vital steps by Elance.

The good news is that now you can import your Elance profile to your Upwork profile. This news has been announced by Elance blog after months of processing and never ending debates on how to integrate all the important things to the Upwork platform. The goal of this transition is to create one proficient and fused platform for all the Upwork and Elance members.

Well there are many perks of this change as Elance is among the top freelancing websites, few of the specifications are stated below:

Copy your profiles directly to Upwork

With this transition in technology freelancers and companies have a great option of copying their reputation to Upwork. The company has started to send invitations for it already but if you haven’t received it yet, don’t worry you are not the only one as the invitations are in initial stages and all the invitations will be sent till September 1st. Copying profiles on Upwork will makes it much easier for members with good reputation to provide a reference of  Elance projects on Upwork. The experience of Elance will now be valued equally on Upwork.

Fee of contracts

While most of you must be wondering about your current contracts on Elance, the company has already answered for this confusion.  You can continue with your contracts but you need to wind them up before early 2016, also for the new projects started on Upwork if you have worked with that member before on Elance then you will be given or charged same rates as before on Elance.

New opportunities

Although Elance and Upwork have been partners but these were two different companies with different member base but since the integrated profiles system is being introduced, you’d be exposed to millions of unmatchable opportunities. It will also be a much easier process for clients from all over the world to find freelancers and for freelancers to experience a vast client base.

Elance current contracts

No, there is not a slight chance of losing your clients or freelancers in this new system as you can always rehire a freelancer from the “My Jobs” tab on Upwork. Clients will also be provided with the opportunities and recommendations of highest satisfactory freelancers. Also the latest mobile apps and technology will also make it much easier to work on the go.

Start joining Upwork already

As you are allowed to continue your contracts on Elance as site will be open for existing contracts, but the ability to post jobs will be limited in the early August, also all the members will be asked to join Upwork in August and the transition will be implemented in September this year. It is though better to start joining Upwork early so that you can easily import your profile and take your time in understanding Upwork community.

This new opportunity by Elance-Upwork may give the users a huge positive change which will have a bigger impact in betterment of work platform. Elance has already started sending invitations and the process will be completed by September so don’t worry if you haven’t yet received an invitation. Many members were fed up with the one or another platform but mostly Upwork but I hope with this new change Upwork will be a more flexible platform to work on, at the same time I hope that the good Elance profiles will make it easier for the low ranked freelancers on Upwork to regain their good position and get hired more often.



Sadia Sharafat

“Sadia Sharafat is a successful entrepreneur and has been working with FREELANCEPULP and smart electric scooter since a while now; she is an enthusiastic person and always loves to share wonderful ideas of success with folks."

  • Adnan

    Honestly I am not happy with this decision of Elance – It will create lot of mess

    • Sadia Sharafat

      Hi Adnan,
      Yes you are very right about your concern, millions of freelancers are worried about the future of freelancing but we are bound to bring out the positive from every other change these companies will apply…..

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