Future of Elance-Upwork Merger

Future of Elance-Upwork Merger
06 Mar 2015

Elance.com & Odesk.com are two big market leaders with millions of freelancers & buyers using their services. In December 2013 these two giants decided to merge their companies & this news became hotcake among the IT geeks around the globe. People were discussing the effect of this merger on their freelance profiles. Freelancers using Elance were also concerned about the low bidding chicks of odesk being shitted to elance where we see relatively better prices. Users of both sites are using these two platforms because of their separate usability but this merger created a sense of insecurity among top freelancers.














Recently Elance-Odesk CEO Fabio Rosati sent an email to all freelancers of elance about the next step of this merger & announced to launch a new platform which again created big unrest among freelance companies. He also tried to explain the benefits of this joint venture but it seems like the benefits are tailored only for the buyers & for elance-odesk themselves.  People are now anticipating different things about the new co platform they are going to launch in coming years. There is also one positive side of this merger & we can say it fresh breeze. Odesk user interface & no payment protections on fix priced jobs was a big issue for freelancers but now they have also introduced Escrow protection for freelancers like they have on elance already. Through an Odesk Newsletter it is also announced that odesk freelancers will also have to use connects to bid on each project & instead of free 25 bids every day. The odesk free users will get 60 free connects every month & they will have to pay additional money if they need more connects to bid.  The outcome in total, will be positive hopefully & this will bring almost 80% of buyers to these two sites.

UPDATE: They have launched the new portal named UpWork.com & it has replaced odesk.com with some new features. You can read about Upwork.com Features By reading this article: Button Text


UPDATE 19 July 2015: Elance.com is going to get merged with Upwork in early 2016 so no more elance after closure of odesk. Please give us your feedback about how change will effect your earning in comment box below.


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