From 15 Failed Startups to 50 Million Rupees Story of Tanveer Ahmad

From 15 Failed Startups to 50 Million Rupees Story of Tanveer Ahmad
30 Dec 2016

There are millions of Pakistani Youth struggling to stand out loud as a successful entrepreneur in the internet business but only 9 – 10% of them are achieving the great goals they set for themselves.

Tanveer Ahmad   (a freelance graphic, web designer from Multan also sets his goals high and achieved remarkable success in 6 year of his freelancing career with over 50 million rupees earned through upwork and other online job platforms. He started his career as an entrepreneur in 2005 and like any other newbie miserably failed with more than 15 of his startups initially but he always kept himself motivated and believed in God’s promise to getting the reward of his hard work. He believes failure is simply an opportunity to begin again with more potential and wisdom.

Finally in 2011, He started his company named CreativeTan Design Studios and offered his graphic design and web development services to clients from USA, UK, Canada and other western countries, now after 6 years of hard work and team effort, Tanveer is one of the top rated freelancer on upwork with lifetime earning crossed 50 million Pakistani Ruppes. Tanveer, like every successful nomad, believes in giving back to society and started initiatives like and Mastermind Digital Nomads Program to train the new talent of the country so they can also become successful entrepreneurs, bring foreign remittance to Pakistan and create job opportunities within the country instead of looking for one.

Tanveer is also selling his stock photography on shutterstock and fotolia. He think our professionals can also earn good money if they can capture and submitted commercially valuable images on these sites as there are only few hundred Pakistanis are doing this business and a wide range is yet to be filled with quality contents.

There is a great potential in Pakistan’s IT sector if we train our young generation in proper manner and make them realize that there is no short cut to success like many claims these days. Our youth needs to realize that it is important to become expert in their respective fields before offering services in online marketplaces. They also need to have strong grip in communication skills as that is the key of a long business terms with any startup.

Tanveer Ahmad has a team of 15 experienced graphic designer and web developers to offer his services across the globe including local startups.


Sadia Sharafat

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