Freelancing – Best Career Choice for Women

Freelancing – Best Career Choice for Women
11 May 2015

There are more than 50 million freelancers in the world among which about 70% are females. Freelancing is best career choice for women because of work from home situation available all the time. Females from conservative backgrounds can also make a successful career as freelancers by working from home. It is not that easy for a girl to work outside her home in an office or in the market because of male dominant society specially in Asian countries.

The traditional working structure is often very stressful for a women so more & more females are considering to work remotely. This will also give them freedom not to work 40 hours a week or attend hard schedule meetings of routine job environment.  As per the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) data, the number of females starting their own businesses is increased by 5.6 per cent in recent years.

Another study claimed that women are more comfortable to work on different projects at a single time as of men so this also give them advantage in freelancing. They can switch their mind from one project to another very quickly & that also enhance their performance over all.  Women are also more dedicated than man when it comes to doing their own business or freelancing their skills remotely. They can concentrate more & dedicate almost 80% of their time to clients in order to establish as a successful entrepreneurs.

It is also reported that in many Asian countries like India & Pakistan, women are not encouraged to go out & work in offices therefor,  they are getting into freelancing more to earn a living without leaving their homes. Girls also possess very strong communication skills & they have proven to be good listeners as well. Many companies now a days prefer to hire female freelancers specially for writing or book keeping jobs.

We cannot say freelancing is an easy cake for females because you have to survive in dry spells & uncertainty can be exhausting but it is yet appealing to them because of the freedom that comes with being freelancer. No matter how good you are at what you do, there comes a time when you need help & women are more easy to ask for help than man & this also help them to learn new skills very quickly. Freelancing is all about learning new skills & improving the quality of your services.

Women are also most social & they are able to make a network of other entrepreneur women to help them in daily freelancing tasks. I know few females who have develop strong network of freelancers & they are running an agency to help clients to get different jobs done under one company invoice & that more comfortable for buyers as well.

So if you are girl who want to make their own life, you must start your own small freelance service from home & you will lead to success within the matter of few months. Your social setup or environment around you cannot stop you from being successful leading women of 21st century.


Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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