Freelancers Income Survey World Wide

Freelancers Income Survey World Wide
20 Apr 2015

Negotiating your rate while working as freelancer is the most complicated & intimidating part of freelancing. Many of us struggle with what should I quote problem every day. Melisa Sukman Community Manager at Payoneer have conducted a survey worldwide to help us define our rates. Payoneer is providing excellent services to millions of freelancers worldwide to receive their earnings via payoneer prepaid master card & via bank transfer. They have recently conducted an excellent survey to help freelancers to define their average per hour rates & the results have been received few hours ago. I’ve compiled a list to show you different statistics about how freelancers are making a living by working remotely & this can help you to Benchmark Your Rates. Here are the key findings:

1. The worldwide average hourly rate charged by freelancers is $21.

2. More than half of paid clients are located in the Americas.

3. Freelancers providing legal services charge more than any other service ($31 per hour)

4. Over three quarters of respondents are male (78%)

5. Male freelancers charge an average of $20.97, while female professionals are charging $20.26

6. Individuals working at companies charge 5% more than freelancers working independently at home

7. Freelance professionals work an average of 36 hours per week (7 hours per day for a 5-day work week)

8. The worldwide income satisfaction level of freelancers is 46%

9. Freelancers providing legal services work the most hours a week and also hold the highest level of income satisfaction

10. Freelancers who work in the field of writing & translation have the lowest level of income satisfaction but also have the fewest hours of work per week

11. Over 80% of the professionals surveyed work on 1 to 3 jobs at a time

12. Almost half of freelancers find projects via online marketplaces

13. Freelancers prefer social media channel to promote freelancing skills is Facebook

Methodology of Survey:

This survey results are based on responses from 23,006 freelancers around the world using an online questionnaire provided by Payoneer in December 2014. The analyses show that freelancers are charging from $1 to $100 per hour as the highest paying rates. Here is a graph explaining about the location of freelancers who participated in this survey:


Respondents represent a wide range of countries across the freelancing world with a primary focus on those from emerging markets in Asia, Latin America and Europe.
Survey also shows that A little over three quarters of respondents are male (78%) while 22% are female. The vast majority of freelancers surveyed are in their 20s and 30s (85%).

Client Location:

The freelancers surveyed are working with clients from all over the world. Almost half of their clients
are based in the Americas. Almost one quarter of clients are located in various countries within Europe.

Client_LocationAverage Hourly Rates:
They results of 180 countries show that average earning of freelancer is $21 per hour. Almost half of freelancers charge under $10 an hour for their work. 40% charge between $11 and $30, and 18% command over $30 per hour.

Average Hourly Rate by Skills:
Not all freelancers were created equal! The income survey confirmed that certain skill types demand significantly higher rates than others. Freelancers providing legal services charge an average of $31 per hour, significantly higher than freelancers working in Sales & Marketing ($21) or Writing & Translation ($17).

Average Hour Rate by Education:
Interestingly, there was no clear correlation indicating that a higher level of education results in higher rates. In fact, of the freelancers surveyed, those who graduated university were actually charging on average slightly less than those who did not. This suggests that companies hiring freelancers are more interested in their skills, experience and ratings than their level of education.


The survey trends shows that over half of the freelancers surveyed prefer to receive payment for online jobs directly to their bank account, while almost a quarter prefer having the ability to withdraw their earnings in cash. Other methods of payment mentioned were e-wallets and checks.

How many Projects at a time:
The survey also covered the jobs amount & over 80% of Freelancers said they are dealing with up to 3 projects at the same time.

How much Satisfied freelancers are:
The report shows that only 46% of freelancers are satisfied with their freelance earning or the average rate they charge per hour. Professionals & IT & Programming & freelancer in legal field are the most satisfied freelancers & content writers are the lowest satisfied freelancers with their earnings.

Social Media Marketing Stratigies:
Freelancers prefer facebook to promote their skills most of the time & the following graph explain it in detail:



The report is published today on Payoneer & you can visit this link to download full report:


Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

  • Melisa

    Hi Tanveer! Thank you for sharing the Freelancer Income Survey! For anyone interested in reading the full report, you can download it here:

    • Tanveer Ahmad

      HI Melisa,
      Thank you so much for reading the report on my website.

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