Freelancers, Entrepreneurs Toolkit

Freelancers, Entrepreneurs Toolkit
08 Mar 2015

If you are a freelancers, entrepreneurs already or you have plans for a startup & trying to get your share of global economy of remote workers, you should be well prepared to get 100% results. We have gathered a list of stuff, tools you should have in hands.

1. Skills Set

You should have expert level skills in a niche with minimum 2 years of working experience. Whether you are a freelance writer, graphic designer, web developer or marketing expert you should have some strong references on your curriculum vitae.

2. Latest Equipment:

To get best out of you, you need latest equipment like laptop, desktop computer, tablet or a smartphone. All these should be update to update so you don’t find problem in working or communicating with clients.

3. Software:

It is also important that you should have latest versions of software on your computer so you can open any file type sent by your client.

4. Internet

In third world countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh & Sri lank the internet infrastructure is very poor & sometimes you have face breakdown of electricity too. Remember the buyers from USA, Canada or UK are not introduced to these kind of problem so you should be well prepared to cure these issues.

 5. Connected on the Go:

This is also an important part of freelancing life style that you should stay online from your mobile internet while you are not in front of your desk. If you own a car you can install a 3G dongle to stay connected. For me happiness is: stay connected while I am on holiday.


6. Fellow Communities:

You should be part of freelancer’s communities, forums in your category to stay up to date about the happenings in your industry & popular trends. This will help you while discussing a new job with client.


All these tools are very helpful in your success & will make things easy for you to manage as you are thinking to be a prominent Entrepreneur in your category of experience.  You can also search useful mobile apps & desktop applications along with these pre-lance tools.



Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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