Features of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn You Might be Unaware of

Features of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn You Might be Unaware of
28 Jul 2015

As I mentioned in one previous article that social media is an important constituent on life line these days. All social media websites are quite easy to use and everyone has its unique features which are constantly being updated in order to remain advanced in the technical chase. So it is rather possible to be unaware of valuable features which add ease in use and flexibility overall. Don’t worry if you are also one of busy persons out there because we have compiled list of overall features which might be useful to you in this era.


1. There is a separate column of “other” messages which is inaccessible via Facebook app

You can check out how often other people out of your friend list are communicating with you, this feature can’t be accessed via the Facebook application but if you login via a browser you will definitely be able to find “other” option which is faded and is right next to your “inbox” when you click the messaging icon placed at the center on the top right corner.

2. Access quick stats

At the bottom left corner of the all page posts you can find the “X people reached meter”. You can find following things by clicking on it.

– The breakdown of likes, comments and shares,

– How posts look in news feed

– The relevant actions people took on each of your posts.

3. Save posts for later

There is a save option in the drop down menu at the upper right corner of each post. The save option shows for things like movies, music, places, books etc. These posts can be checked later on.


1. Mute posts

Did you know that instead of unfollow someone you can just choose to mute an account? Mute option offers you to remove certain posts from the timeline without them knowing.

2. Tag photos

It is another important feature of Twitter which allows you to communicate with the relevant people by tagging them in your photos. You can tag up to 10 people in a photo without the limitation of 140 characters

3. Identify who has unfollowed you

You can use manageflitter.com to identify people, who have unfollowed you. You can also sort out your followers by range of criteria. You can simply manage your twitter accounts and you can also know when your followers are online so you can schedule tweets.

Linked In

1. Text people you aren’t connected with

In LinkedIn when you join a public group and want to communicate with certain group members without connecting and letting other know then you can surely choose the ‘reply privately’ option from the drop down menu of the post. Group members can communicate each other in private messages without having a direct link.

2. Create relationship notes

LinkedIn being a community of million users gives you the option to save a relationship note present under each profile which can be managed by adding the information like how you met, reminders, contact info. These notes are only visible to you so you never confuse between your connections.

3. Download record of your LinkedIn connections

You can go to “Connections” from your top menu and click on the gear icon which will give you the option to “export contacts’. By clicking that option you’ll be able to have a personal offline record of your contacts with name, company name, title and email address.

4. Create a showcase page

Showcase page is the option for the companies who want to specifically highlight the further branches of their company in order to promote the specific product. So for creating showcase page you can choose the “Create showcase page” from the edit dropdown.

Google Plus

1. Share your Google plus circle with others

You can share your Google plus circle for others to follow by sharing your circle. The circle can be shared if you choose the “People” option from the left drop down menu and select “Your Circles” and then choose the circle you want to share with people. You can create a post incorporating the circle for others to follow your circle.


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