Famous Make Money Frauds

Famous Make Money Frauds
05 Mar 2015

There are many ways to generate some extra cash from internet for newbies & the fraudulent scammer came forward with the easiest way of earning by clicking on the ads/links & keep the page open for a certain amount of time.  Please bear in mind it is the a FRAUD & by the end of the day you won’t get anything against your hard work.

I was very curious about these fake skulls so I decided to go their & meet them in person. I was surprised to see that they are taking advantage of human greed of earning money. They will convince you to pay them some $50-100 & they will give you the account where you will receive links to click on. They will even give you a reason behind this clicking if you ask for. They claim that these websites need good ranking on alexa & google so they are paying us to keep their websites open. These empty minds (pardon my lang.) don’t know that all this traffic is fake & google is not amateur that they don’t recognize the type of traffic coming to the website for only few days & then all this will vanish.












Students of 18-20 years age get attracted towards these frauds more often because they don’t know anything apart from twitter & FB & they consider it to be some business. The question should be asked why the heck they are not earning by themselves & selling accounts to others.  I suggest you all to read & understand how the internet business world works before you jump in. You cannot make money online unless you have some skills to sell. Instead of blindly clicking one must focus on learning how the internet remote jobs work.


Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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