Facebook- The Psychology behind Likes, Comments and Shares Exposed

Facebook- The Psychology behind Likes, Comments and Shares Exposed
21 Jul 2015

Facebook has become one of the most important aspects in our social lives, particularly young crazy technology geeks. Even the not so technology lovers are crazy about Facebook. We like pictures, posts, videos by our friends, neighbors, public figures and even sometimes our own posts. We also love to share what has been posted by people.

Our Facebook profile shows a lot about us and trust me people are marrying each other on the basis of good Facebook profile as one can easily asses the common interests and status as well.

We all know that we do these things but it never crossed your mind why we like comment or share things on Facebook? Well for your excitement I’d like to add that Facebook has also become the ultimate hiring machine where people get hired by companies on the basis of Facebook likes and activity logs.

A research suggests that clicking likes on Facebook makes you feel involved in the biggest human community and gives you a sense of authority. Also liking things on Facebook gives an impression that you are too attentive and engaged individual. You might also like branded content on Facebook to avail different opportunities and coupons. Facebook likes also show that you appreciate something and you are too lazy to comment.

Above all the very curiosity of liking, commenting and sharing has been a big concern of many researchers. Why we are all certainly Facebook lovers, why we want to share everything we do, why we have to admire everything publicly? There have been a lot of theories about it but underneath is an orderly combination that’d answer all your confusions.

1. Facebook engages what we call “Brain Pleasure Center”

A research has evidentially shown that while using Facebook certain indications like pupil dilation and other psychological reactions confirms happiness.

2. Why we like on Facebook

Liking things on Facebook and appreciating things publicly on Facebook shows your positive feedback for things you care about. According to a research about 44% people like posts by their friends once a day while an estimated 29% do so several times in a day.

  • Liking things on Facebook is a quick, efficient and easy way to appreciate things as a nod. The theory is confirmed by Elan Morgan 2 week research.
  • Liking things on Facebook affirms something about ourselves. In a research which engaged more than 58K people showed that you can formulate believe about someone based on the things the person likes on Facebook. The accuracy of the answers in research were 75-98% accurate depending upon gender, race and other factors.
  • Liking things on Facebook expresses our virtual empathy. Studies conducted for this purpose shows that liking things and responding to IMs shows a great ability for you to be virtually empathetic.
  • We also like things on Facebook because it’s practical and beneficial, when you like someone’s posts often you are making sure that you get it back as well. Liking also involves personal benefits like people may like certain posts by favorite brands because there might be a chance to win coupons, discounts and other offers. Others may like due to certain interests etc.


3. Why we comment on Facebook

Some people prefer to comment on certain posts rather than just liking because they feel a need to express themselves and leaving a comment is more satisfying as compared to likes. A research involving 1200 people shows that people feel more ease and comfort by personal messages on the posts as compared to the one click likes.

4. Why we post status updates on Facebook

A research shows that about 10% of Facebook users update their status every day, while the 4% update statuses several times a day while 25% of users suggest that they never update their statuses.

  • Posting statuses make us feel relieved from all the loneliness. A research based on students showed that students who update Facebook statuses often don’t feel as lonely as compared to those who don’t.

5. Why we don’t post status updates on Facebook

Many of us don’t post status updates often on Facebook because of the issue of self-censorship while there are few who write the status but never post it.

6. Why we share things on Facebook

People share on Facebook due to many reasons which might involve showing personal interests, showing they are involved, showing they are unique, supporting things they love etc.


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