Craft a Winning Profile on Freelancing Websites

Craft a Winning Profile on Freelancing Websites
01 Mar 2015

Once you are done signing up on a freelancing website, you need a professional & most appealing profile to grab the attention of buyers. I have spent many years to understand what kind of profiles are winning the jobs & fine-tuned mine to meet the expectations of buyers. A list is compiled below for new geeks digging into the world of remove workers.

1. Be Original

This is essential to write your bio in your own words & explain why you are the best in your niche among thousand other freelancers. Copying someone’s lines will not give you a start & often create copy right trouble for you very soon.

2. Portfolio Presentation

Portfolio is 70% impression of your profile & clients decide which freelancer to choose based on two things, proposal & portfolio item. If you are a graphic designer then you must attach sample of your work on presentation mock ups instead of upload a plain JPEG image. Again, you have to hit into the mindset of the buyer who’s trying to decide, “Should I give this freelancer a chance?

3. Work History

If you have done some jobs already in your niche, it is a great plus for you as this will help client to identify which kind of projects you have done already. For example, if your work history shows 70-80% of jobs about article writing in IT, chances are you will win more similar projects in future.

4. Keywords

Your keywords are important elements to rank up your profile in google or giving suggestion to client while he/she is posting the job. So this is where you list key words that describe the type of work you would like to do. Please note you don’t have to write all your skills but write the most relevant keyword comes to your mind. Less is more in this regards!

5. Skill Test

Almost all freelancing websites provides you tests to prove your skills before the client. You should spend enough time to read the syllabus & then attempt for the test to gain maximum points/numbers in each test. The test results will show up on your profile & puts a major impact on client while making choice.

On elance you need to score 70% or even more & if you fail to get that much score do some research before attempting the test again, it always give you the option to improve your score but you can waste the attempt if you are not well prepared.

6. Choose your Specialty

Buyers now a days are attracted toward specialists, it means you should portray yourself as focused in one niche. For instance, if you are a graphic designer, you must show your skills in logo or brand identity & tailor your portfolio to prove that. Client is more likely to hire a freelancer with the history of all logo/brand designing jobs if he/she is looking for a logo. Never say you can do anything under any circumstances. Statements like these can confuse the client & they will leave their job posting without awarding to anyone.

7. Feedback from clients

Previous clients give you their feedback on completed jobs & that is where your new client can feel comfortable about hiring you. Always deliver the best & exceed the expectation of your buyer. This will help you get repeat business & also 5 star ratting & review for completed jobs.

8. Word of Advice

And last but not the least, never ever try to bid on something that you cannot deliver or you are not good at. Bad feedbacks or less than 5 star ratting can ruin your future in freelancing. For example if you have done 20 jobs & 10 of which gave you 4 star or even less ratting, then it’s very hard to win more jobs in coming days. Happy working!


Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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