Communication and Why It’s Todays Most Important Skill

Communication and Why It’s Todays Most Important Skill
20 Mar 2015

The Forbes Magazine has recognized and stated that communication is today’s most important yet most lacking skill. Often majority of the problems in an organization stem from the lack of communication within a department or amongst various departments. Yet, some people still fail to recognize why communication is considered vital in any situation.

Communicating often lets you know what other people in the organization or other departments are doing, and allows the constant exchange of ideas. Good communication thus leads to each individual in an organization being informed of the others activities and thus keep them connected. It additionally brings people closer and gives them the feeling of oneness, at the same time making organizational activities smoother.

A lack of communication in a business could often result in departments being disconnected and working towards different goals. However, since the aim of any business is to work together and achieve a single goal, poor communication often leads to a delay in achieving this objective. Moreover, research has also showed how a lack of communication in turn results in demotivated staff and frequent misunderstanding between people. Needless to say, this results in mishaps and unfavorable situations.

All this being said, one must realize that it is not only important to communicate but also to choose the right way of delivering the message, the right audience, and the correct medium of communication. If any of these goes wrong, the communication effort could go in vain and be as good as no communication at all.

Due to this, managers and heads of departments are often given training sessions of when, how and why they should communicate. Choosing the wrong medium of communication has been diagnosed as the most common mistake people make. For example, in the case of an emergency, instead of ringing the emergency alarm, if a message Is put up on the notice board, it might be useless and the damage would already have been done. Thus, it is vital that the one messenger analyses the situation and then chooses the medium appropriately.

Also, compared to previous practices where only one way top to bottom communication was carried out, today two way communication is deemed necessary. Not only is it important for managers to send out messages and orders to their subordinates, but many a times, lower level staff feels the need to communicate information to their upper level managers and thus open communication is encouraged.

Lastly, feedback is extremely necessary. Communication without feedback is as good as no communication at all, because feedback allows the messenger to know what the receiver of the message actually understood from what was communicated to them, and whether or not they even received the message. It is quite possible that a message sent out might not have reached the target audience or may have got distorted along the line and therefore following up feedback helps one ensure the message was delivered and understood in the context it was meant to be.


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