.com Turns Thirty! Happy Birthday

.com Turns Thirty! Happy Birthday
17 Mar 2015

Ever imagine how and when did the World Wide Web and .com domain came into existence? Well it was exactly 15th of March 1985 when the first ever .com domain was registered on web by a company in Massachusetts, by the name of Symbolic.com. This very day marked the beginning of the era of the dot-com world. Slowly awareness began, and from then till today, there are more than 200 millions of dot-com domains registered on the World Wide Web.

You’ll be surprised to learn that the internet was not engineered for the use of local public, instead was to be operated only for the purpose of defense. Internet was thus engineered, in Europe’s Nuclear Centre, CERN. Even though we thank immensely the inventor of internet, Tim Berners-Lee, for providing us with such a platform, which has turned the whole of world into a global village. It has made accessing things from every corner of the world much easier.

However most credit goes out to those who came up with the dot-com domain, as without it the net was not of any use for the local public. So it does state clearly that the basic purpose of the internet might have been lost during these thirty years, but instead it has opened doors towards a greater revolution.

15th march 2015, marks the 30th birthday of the dot-com domain, making us realize how far we have come. If we look at just 10 years in the past, and compare them with today’s web world, we’ll be amazed at how far we have come, and during this how well established and futuristic have we become. The websites that were introduced ten years back, stand at a revolutionary place today. One of the very examples is of Facebook. The transformations of such websites is just astonishing. Not only this, the dot-com domain has helped establish the idea of online trade and businesses. Not only has it established the idea but also made business a success and a lot easier. Apart from that connecting with people from all around the globe has also become as simple as ABC. A couple clicks and not only can you talk, but you can actually see the person who may be sitting thousands and thousands of miles away. All thanks to the collaboration of dot-com domain with the World Wide Web.

Life without internet is truly unimaginable. Billions of people around the world connect, earn and well kill time via this not-so-praised internet. So let’s take out some time and thank those who came up with the idea of internet and well a very happy birthday to our very own dot-com domain, hope you live to serve millions of more generations to come!


Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

  • Tanvir Ahmad

    Interesting Article, all online entrepreneurs should know this basic info..

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