Can become another Elance in near Future?

Can become another Elance in near Future?
15 Jun 2016

Hello freelancers, It is a famous business quote that you need to find the gape in market and fill that gape to gain success with your startup. So keeping this idea in mind, I went through different forums in the past few months to read about how the closure of elance is effecting the freelancers and buyers worldwide. The facts I received are very devastating for this industry so this is the high time some freelance marketplace should jump in and show us a consistent path to work as a freelancer with having to change the UI every other month. The UI of guru is very user friendly and freelancers found it very consistent to work. The proposal submission is also very clean and easy to attach sample of your work. The payment protection system called SafePay is also very easy to understand. Both, client and freelancers find it easy to use and many have transferred there already. There is only small issue with the website and that is the number of jobs. If guru can do something about it, they will become industries leading market place very soon.

Elance is closed and hiring rate is worst in the history of freelancing on their new platform #upwork. So it is the high time for to put some extra efforts to market their website and bring in more customers to post the jobs. It has the potential to become another elance in next 6 months. Both freelancers and buyers are distracted and eagerly needs a new website because of the bad interface of upwork. Freelancers also found it painful that they have lost almost 80% of the repeat clients in this transition and in result lost almost half of their earning due to one bad decision of upwork new CEO Mr. Stephane Kasriel. is also very consistent website but it has extra rush of freelancers bidding the low bowler rates. Do you think can make this happen?

It will be great to read your feedback about this idea.


Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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