Burial Pods Replace Coffins

Burial Pods Replace Coffins
12 Mar 2015

How many of us consider life to be a cycle. You are born, you reproduce, you die, and the next generation is born… And so to speak, the cycle continues. Yet, how many of us imagined making life from the dead. Previously, many of us would think only God could do such a thing, making the dead alive, or bringing life from the dead. However, today science has come around to doing something very similar. The only difference is, dead humans give life to plants in this case. Yes, you heard me right.

It is a known fact that trees take approximately 10 to 40 years to grow while, a single coffin made from several trees, is used to bury the dead. However, these eco-friendly pods will help you conserve life i.e., trees and instead brings up the idea of burying your dead loves ones in these pods.

Entire memory forests are being created using these trees, where the family or loved ones of the deceased get to choose one from a variety of trees, and bury their dead in a specific pod. The capsule or pod is 100% biodegradable, and the deceased is placed in this capsule in the fetal position, or as they were born. The next step involves planting this capsule into the soil like a seed, after which the chosen tree would be planted on top.

The idea behind this invention is to let people create memory forests of their loved ones and this project seems to be an eco-friendly manner of preserving trees and planting new ones instead. Instead of death marking the end of life, death will now mark the beginning of more life, ad create entire forests instead of graveyards.

It is with no doubt that we say science has been doing a tremendous amount for the next generation but this new idea is absolutely out of the box. Who would have ever thought of creating life from life, or should I say life from the dead? This method of burying your loved ones can help you look at them as still alive when you see the tree flourishing and growing, and in other ways, it could help them leave something meaningful behind, or do something for their planet even after they are dead.

This method of burial will also solve many problems of deforestation and that of lack of greenery and make the earth look and feel more beautiful than it ever was, as a result, leaving behind something as a token of love for the earth and their loved ones!


Remisha Hasnain

A mother of a two year old and a go getter, with the love to read, write and inspire!

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