May 2017
Posted at: 03 May 2017
New Digital Marketing Company in Melbourne Beach, Florida

Hello Everyone from United States and specially from Melbourne Beach, Florida. Creatify Studios is the new addition to the network of professional digital marketing solution providers in the area. Creatify Studios was established when a creative and innovative woman (Christine Remsen) believed she could help small business owners. Her inspiration was seeing the copious amounts of marketing agencies that failed business owners by developing ineffective

December 2016
Posted at: 30 Dec 2016
From 15 Failed Startups to 50 Million Rupees Story of Tanveer Ahmad

There are millions of Pakistani Youth struggling to stand out loud as a successful entrepreneur in the internet business but only 9 – 10% of them are achieving the great goals they set for themselves. Tanveer Ahmad   (a freelance graphic, web designer from Multan also sets his goals high and achieved remarkable success in 6 year of his freelancing career with over 50 million rupees

June 2016
Posted at: 15 Jun 2016
Can become another Elance in near Future?

Hello freelancers, It is a famous business quote that you need to find the gape in market and fill that gape to gain success with your startup. So keeping this idea in mind, I went through different forums in the past few months to read about how the closure of elance is effecting the freelancers and buyers worldwide. The facts I received are very devastating

March 2016
Posted at: 24 Mar 2016
The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing

The stories of startups’ overnight successes and upstart billionaires are some of the most popular fairytales business newcomers and increasing number of more experienced players like to tell themselves before sleep to scare off the monsters of today’s harsh business reality. The truth is that, although we can always count at least few dozens of such examples, they are nothing more than a single drop

February 2016
Posted at: 16 Feb 2016
How Oil Prices are affecting Freelancers business?

Yes you heard it correct, the world wide slump of oil prices from $120 per barrel to $28 is effecting many global economies including KSA, USA and other oil producing countries. The industry related to oil and gas is also under pressure world wide so the employers around the globe. In Canada only the gas related firms have started the job cut and people are

December 2015
Posted at: 21 Dec 2015
Turning Loyal Customers into Brand Advocates

When devising their marketing strategies, businesses frequently tend to confuse terms satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy, counting that these concepts are mutually interchangeable and simply sprout out of each other. That is a big mistake because, although it is true that satisfaction presents the natural foundation for loyalty, and loyalty, in advance, encourages advocacy, making these customer reactions sprout out of each other is anything but

November 2015
Posted at: 11 Nov 2015
5 Ways to Build Better Relationships with Your Customers

Retaining customers has always been one of the most basic preoccupations of any business striving for excellence, but today, when competition is heavier, and indeed denser than it was ever before, the fight for mind and soul of every single customer became equally as fierce. The fact that competition usually pours huge amounts of money in their marketing departments does not make things brighter, either.

Posted at: 04 Nov 2015
10 facts about Google (You Probably Didn’t Know)

Google hasn’t been the top brand since ever, there was a time when Google was just a small puppy which had a task to retrieve information and fetch files for internet users. Google was given a big kick in 1995, when a research project of PhD transformed this little puppy in to the today’s $367 billion worth project, this former puppy is now loved globally

November 2015

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