Automatic Money Making Tools

Automatic Money Making Tools
06 Mar 2015

Making money while you are sleeping or traveling is the best thing about online business. There are few methods that works for you while you are not on your desk. The matter of fact is, this is the technology era & you should focus on automatizing things instead of working for long hours. You can give a kick to your earning by following methods:

1. Blogging

Blogging can help you to monetize your contents even when you are offline. If your blog has original contents & it is well indexed in google & other search engines it can be your money making machine.


2. Selling Online

Selling your goods, services via internet also help you to generate income while you are enjoying your holiday. You need to setup your store & optimize it to target the relevant keywords to land on your site, is the key to success.


3. Make Online Tool

If you have a strong idea to develop an online tool like Wave Invoices or OpinionPolls you can make good cash through your site. Create something beneficial for other websites & you will attain good market share in the matter of months.

4. Sell Stock Photos

Selling stock photos or vector on all popular stock photo sites is also a good atm for you but only if your images are high resolution & attention grabbing for buyers.


5. Make WordPress Themese

You can develop very professional wordpress theme & sell it on themeforest. If luckily your theme has amazing features & easy to use, you can get more than 50 sales every month & themeforest will pay you good chunk of money. I personally know a person who sold 50,000 copies of his wordpress theme so far & he has a success story to share with new developers.


6. Write articles

If you are a strong writer & you can write interesting articles, it can also help to earn money by submitting your work to Yahoo Contributor network or Helium writing community.


Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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