Attention Freelance Academic Writers!

Attention Freelance Academic Writers!
28 Oct 2015

Top 6 Reasons Freelancers Should Never Opt For Academic Writing

Now, don’t get confused here when I use this word “academic writing” because yes writing course books for companies, schools, universities and contributing is education is great. My concern arises when I see people particularly freelancers doing other’s researches, assignments, quizzes etc.

The most interesting thing about academic writing is that mostly talented students of underdeveloped countries write for the students of developed countries such as European countries. I hope most of us would feel exploited when I tell you that academic writers are paid as low as $2.5 For 500 words and some are even paid as high as $7-10 for 500 words. Then people wonder that why European students are so amazingly talented, I guess it’s quite clear. This business is merely an open cheating or corruption and we all choose to neglect it because it might be helping you earn well.

Here are the top 6 reasons, academic writing is a big foe.

  1. Waste of talent

If the students from poor countries are so talented that they can handle the tough, technical and tricky researches and assignments, then it merely is a waste of talent which is sold for only few bucks. It might help you earn good but in the bigger picture you are wasting yourself, tiring yourself for the success of others. Other people might become millionaire due to the research you have done while you will be hunting for another assignment. What’s the deal? You don’t even get credits when you help people get the most important degrees of their lives, we all know that nobody in developed countries study after A levels and those who do, it’s a big deal for them because they are the one to enter in the corporate world. So, please try not to sell your talent over few bucks.

2. No credit

That’s the most hurting thing about this job, you never get anything out of it because it simply is no job, you cannot put it in your CV, and you cannot tell people that your job experience is doing other’s assignments. Writing an article for which you are credited for is much better than doing $1000 worth research thesis because you can proudly show it, add it in to your CV and can give its reference. So, the credited article is way better choice if you have talent for writing.

3. Takes too much time

Gosh, I’ve seen people working day and night and still don’t make it in time, because academic writing takes almost ages as you have to research the whole thing, study the entire material, write technical yet interesting report and at the end of such assignment, those bucks in my opinion aren’t worth the effort. Time is money itself and wasting it over other’s assignment doesn’t do the justice with it.

4. Empowering potentially weak people

Yes, I totally urge on it. When you give a degree to a person who doesn’t even deserve it, you are definitely doing a wrong thing. That undeserving person might someday rule you and when he/she wasn’t honest to his/her studies then surely that person wouldn’t be honest in making the right choice for the betterment of people. The element of cheating and corruption will stay enrooted in the person because he’d always know how to get the potential work done by giving away few bucks, that person would never understand the essence of hard work and you may be responsible for it because you helped him. So, stop empowering people who might not deserve to be empowered.

5. Too difficult

Lastly, it is way too difficult. Satisfying the quality standards of every student, institute and teacher is a tough job to do.

I’d recommend each one of you to think it over and never sell your talent. I also request students to be honest with their studies, no matter where they belong from, also teacher should keep a check on their students and must instantly take action if any student is found guilty. This is not about money, it’s the matter of your lifetime choices as they influence your overall personality.


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