Apple Breaking Records-Thinnest MacBook Pro Unveiled

Apple Breaking Records-Thinnest MacBook Pro Unveiled
22 Mar 2015

Apple has become popular over the years, for the most reliable products ever. Be it the first touch screen phone, or iPod replacing the Walkman’s’, this company has been breaking records forever! Even though, Apple products tend to be pricy and more expensive than those in competition, what the company offers its potential customers is electronic devices totally out of the box, and those that set you apart. An Apply user will always feel different to someone using a competitor laptop of music device, and the product performance lives up to expectations. Apple users claim the statement “Once an Apple user, Always an Apple user” and this couldn’t be truer, since anyone who has used an Apple product would never choose to change to another company. Keeping up with the legacy, Apple has now launched a new MacBook Pro, thinner and lighter than all the ones preceding it!



The new MacBook has is known to have an ultra-thin retina display, along with a full-sized keyboard that is also 34% thinner than the previous one. This MacBook will be available at Apples’ online store from 10th April 2015 and will cost 1,049 Pounds. Being 13.1 mm thick, this new Apple product is also available in an iPhone like gold finish along with its good old silver aluminum and Space Grey variations.
With a 12inch Retina Display, and a resolution of 2304*1440 pixels, this MacBook gives you a stunning screen to look at. It further comes with a Force Touch Track pad that senses the touch between a tap and a click, and is also sensitive to the amount of pressure you put on it, identifying the function you wish to carry out. You can therefore, now click anywhere on the track pad instead of having to click at the bottom of it. Yet, if one is not comfortable with the way the new taptic technology functions on this track pad, they can alter their options and adjust it according to their own preferences. The all new force click option allows you to click down hard on a certain word on the web, thus automatically opening the dictionary meaning for it, or the subsequent Wikipedia page. If you do the same on an address, the Force Click will open out a map for you too, locating the address on it.


When talking about battery life, Apple claims that the newly launched MacBook has an all-day mechanism that will allow you to use your MacBook the entire day without having to charge it at all. The new battery technology gives you 35% increased battery capacity while the new display will consume 30% lesser energy, even at the same brightness.




The MacBook keyboard has also been reinvented and uses a butterfly mechanism instead of the traditional scissor type way of operating. This allows users greater precision and accuracy while typing. The key size is generally bigger in this new keyboard and each key lights up individually instead of the entire keyboard lighting up as one, as seen in the older MacBook. The keyboard makes you feel like you’re actually using a touch screen since the keys barely move as you type on them, and makes the whole experience initially different, but a good different eventually. The sizes and designs of some keys have also been tweaked a bit here and there, to give the keyboard a whole new exciting look.

A USB port type C has also been introduced which is going to take transferring data and charging devices to a whole new level. While it can be used to charge the new MacBook, the charger cable is not MagSafe, where the charger was magnetically attached to the laptop.
All in all, this Apple MacBook aims to excite its customers, reinventing the whole “Apple” experience for them. This product will simply be known as the MacBook, not a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, and aims to bring about brand new generation of technology and way of operating.


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