Algoflux – Your Scripts in Shining Armour

Algoflux – Your Scripts in Shining Armour
11 Mar 2015 is a website specifically designed for algorithm lovers. So, if you’re one, this is the place for you to be!. It is no doubt a fresh breeze & Ali Ashraf deserve applause

The site allows you to sign in using various account options in order to further discover the massive world of algorithms lying ahead of you. It allows you to explore and experiment with a wide variety of algorithms and serves as an interesting site for people from various backgrounds and professions. For teachers, students and enthusiasts, it allows you to explore these algorithms while running them on your browser and thus engaging in easy learning. The site additionally provides its users with algorithm related libraries that allow you to create and simultaneously test the algorithms and thus run them effectively.

You can perform a variety of functions using algoflux. Firstly, it allows its users to generate input GUI controls from parameters, and additionally, even get a step by step solution of the algorithms. Moreover, it provides them with the facility and option of writing the algorithms in simple English which can later easily be converted into Javascript by pressing the alt+enter keys.  The process of creating these algorithms doesn’t even involve memorizing codes and processes and makes life easier for users, since they can simply browse through the provided code snippets and use them as they require. Once all this has been done, the user can finally publish the algorithms recently created and thus get discovered!

Algoflux works pretty much everywhere, and you can even take the codes with you wherever you go via the cloud powered IDE. The algorithms can thus be ported to 100+ platforms and as a result makes it simple and easy to use. The algorithms moreover can be written in any of the 3 languages which are TypeScript, CoffeeScript, and JavaScript and can further be integrated and merged into millions of libraries.

For people who are new to algorithms, Algoflux helps them with getting started, with a video tutorial and code references. A further advantage with algoflux is that it provides users with the amazing option of flexible licensing which means they get to pay only for what they want and use. There are three packages, of which the basic one is free, followed by a freedom package and lastly, the freedomEd package. For a limited time, however, they are also giving away premium freedom accounts for free and this proves to be a brilliant deal. The site does not require any credit card information etcetera and makes life extremely easy for algorithm lovers and developers with the variety of options it provides.

Lastly, users can subscribe to the Algoflux newsletters also in order to receive regular updates and information, and thus stay in the loop.

So if you’re an algorithm lover, you have no better chance than this one to flex your skills and make the most of algorithms. What are you waiting for? Go to and get started!


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