Alert – No More Google Indexing!

Alert – No More Google Indexing!
16 Apr 2015

World most used search engine Google Inc. have recently announced not to include the websites in search result if their mobile friendly versions is not available. From April 21st, Google will not index your website in search result if your website lack a mobile friendly version or it is not working properly on mobile devices. This is going to be a big upset for million of websites because they don’t have a mobile version or their mobile website version is not properly coded.

To sort this out before time, You can check your website status if its mobile friendly or not by going through this link:

Check Your Website

This Google tool will help you identify the status of your website & if something is wrong they will guide you how to fix that.

It is important for Google to make sure user get best experience using Google search using their mobile devices. The Android is already giving them expected results in term of profit & Google Adword buyers are also complaining because of no conversion rate. Google is taking this step to re gain its trust among the Adword buyers & also to make sure the users become able to buy stuff of an website using mobile devices. In many cases users have problem in buying something online using their mobile device because of the poorly developed websites.

Mobile friendly websites will also give benefit to publishers posting Google adsense ads on their websites & they can increase the revenue by 20% by applying Adsense for mobile.


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