9 Easiest Things to Do For Generating “Go Viral” Content

9 Easiest Things to Do For Generating “Go Viral” Content
30 Jul 2015

Many strategies are lately being devised by many of the content generating companies as a tool to get more traffic, for instance have you recently caught yourself clicking on the links like “Top 5 actresses which can be reached by everyone” or “Top 10 places to visit before you die”. Well if you are familiar with what I’m talking about then don’t worry it’s not you only, actually it’s an awesome strategy used by media to tempt you for reading their stuff.

Content is important for businesses as they serve as the marketing purpose and it’s usually the only way you communicate with your customers, so having great content along with catchy heading is important, therefore you must understand the ways to enhance your content.

1. Number things

Yeah just like I did “9 easiest things”, numbering things help the readers to figure out how thorough the content is and also when you number things up they look more neat and attractive while giving feasibility to readers. It practically saves more time and a perfectly easy way for readers to grasp the crux of the writing.

2. Bust Myths

Myths are very attractive way to grab interest because curiosity always leads you to new paths and same goes for content. Busting myths are reliable and feasible way to increase your traffic and it urges readers to break in to it without any second thoughts. But you need to be practical while using myths because myths are extensively held beliefs therefore only break in to it when you have a point to convince readers.

3. Use common mistakes for teaching lessons

Use mistakes and pitfalls about certain topic to aware readers about things to not do, as people love to learn from mistakes of others. So try to design your content and heading around the pitfalls which can be avoided by others in particular cases, for instance “9 Things to Be Avoided in Marketing Business”.

4. Compare groups and businesses

Competition is one of the core attributes of human nature therefore healthy comparison between groups and companies are likely to induce a reading urge in the readers for the specific topics. So consider smartly using comparison between certain things to grasp the attention of readers, for example “Females are likely to be in marketing than males” or you can use “Successful Vs unsuccessful entrepreneurs” etc.

5. Give specific percentages

As mentioned above that numbers grab attention, it is true for percentages and amounts too as specific numbering about certain things interest people more than some lengthy written stuff. So you might as well use percentages for creating your super content for instance “90% Marketing Employees are likely to Get Retired Early”. Just use things which make sense like “Top 10 millionaire entrepreneurs who started from scrap”.

6. Celebrity examples also works

As most of people know about the renowned celebrities and it is likely to grab attention by just using their name. You might think that I’m talking crazy but just read the topic “How Paris Hilton Generates Millions by These Simple Tips”, wouldn’t you be willing to know what are the damn tips? So relating your content with a celebrity once in a while will make your content go viral.

7. Create tie ups with latest news

Creating links with latest news will keep the readers engaged in discovering new stuff and it will also bring readers to you. Tie up latest news with your content often in order to keep yourself in the advanced latest world, as I have been keeping eye on the recent “Upwork and Elance Merger” and posting about it also I would definitely be following it till the end to see how it turns out.

8. Dare to make an unexpected challenge

This is also a good way but it needs careful handling as after making the challenge you’ve got to prove it aswell. So you can make an expected challenge like “Dumbest mistakes by the smartest entrepreneurs” or “Why do women make better CEOs”. Such challenges need to be proved when you choose them as a heading so make sure you have got a point.


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