8 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Base

8 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Base
01 Jul 2015

Social media has become one of core parts in today’s life. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pininterest, Google Plus and LinkedIn are more influential than any other thing now days. These websites have millions of active users and zillions of posts. Such fondness of these websites has made it much easier for businesses to grow; moreover it has opened up new innovative opportunities, since people spend a lot of their time on these websites.

Social media is such a powerful tool that possessing a well reputed social media page can flourish your business in days. Having a good social media page is one of the most important indicators of your business success. Owning such a page on social media is not as difficult as many think.

Following are the few easy guidelines via which you can grow your social media base easily.

1. Be clear about your goals

The foremost step in the process of growing your social media base is to be clearly accurate about your goals. This usually includes that you are sure what you have to achieve and what is that you are pursuing, before you start posting things at your page. Knowing your goals, target audience and location are the main pointers that are going to make a good start of your social media page.

2. Don’t let them doubt on your humanism 

Don’t always post about promotional stuff or business things on your page and even if you do so you need to interact well often, replying to different comments and posts will let people have the confidence to interact freely with you. Don’t be too available but you also have to show that you do value your fans or customers. Do interact with audience when they show interest, that will help you to connect with people emotionally and they will be more willing to read your posts/articles.

3. Incorporate various icons on your website

Make it sure that the icons connected to your social media pages are present on your official websites. This will allow people to easily go through your personal networks more freely and easily so they learn better about your company.

4. Make posts public

When sharing articles or other stuff make it sure that you share them with everyone, also make your profile as public as possible. When some content is hidden people are more likely to think of you as spam. When people know you have a social media profile/page they can easily use it as a reference or to show others.

5. Use SEO in your social media content

By using Google Adwords you can easily find the related keywords so don’t forget to add those keywords to increase your traffic, likes, and social media base most importantly. Also you can use those keywords that people are more likely to use in the Google and add them in to your social media content.

6. Hashtags must be used more often

Hashtags are the new trend these days on most of the social media pages. Hashtags makes it easier for people to follow your posts. Using hashtags on facebook twitter and google plus brings more people on to your pages and websites, but don’t be too cocky to include hashtag after everyline. #Neverdothis

7. Provide various rewards

This is one of the most amazing ways to generate more traffic and increase you social media base. Hold various contests and provide free giveaways which don ot need to be too expensive, choose any small giveaway which can be a pair of earphones, just send the gift to the chosen winner and he/she will automatically draw more attention towards your website or page. Also the rewarding process makes the other members keen to follow the page hoping to be a next winner. Also arrange various questions and answer sections.

8. Handle complaints and reviews smartly

You might be able to grow your social media base drastically but even the very experienced ones can panic in the situations like customer dissatisfaction and complaints. You need to be every efficient while handling the complaints and bad reviews. Never ignore the bad reviews instead consider them, communicate with the customers and try to solve the issues. Also try ensuring the customers that the bad experiences will more likely be decreased in the future.


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