8 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone 6 Can Do

8 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone 6 Can Do
15 Jul 2015

Iphone is the world’s largest and top smart phone brand, which has been the most prominent choice of people all around the globe; Iphone is used by most of the technology lovers. People look forward to every new release and model of Iphone and it sells like crazy throughout the world, as if Apple is selling it for free. Anyway we are here to discuss how efficient your latest Iphone is, it has features that efficient that nothing can match the advancement it provides.

Below are the things you don’t know your Iphone can do, and again with the unmatchable efficiency.

1. Reply to texts even when the phone is locked

Iphone can reply to messages even when the phone is locked, just when you get the message swipe on the notification from left corner to right one and there you go, you can instantly reply to whoever you want without bothering to put in the code first.

2. Respond to texts while you are working on other apps

It’s quite efficient that you don’t have to go to your home screen or message folder to find out who just texted you, you can just do so easily by just clicking on the notification which appears right when someone texts you, you can even respond to that message on the app screen. There is even an option to ignore the notification which totally clears that your Iphone is just designed for being customized according to your needs.

3. Figure out which apps use the most battery

Is your battery draining faster? You can just customize it, you can go to the settings to check which of your apps are using the most battery and customize them according to your choice, and you can even stop an application from running without uninstalling it if you figure out that it’s draining your battery.

4. Self destruct audio and video messages

If you don’t want to stuff your phone with useless pictures that just cover most of your storage, you have the option of sending the audio and video messages which would be deleted automatically after the specified time. That way you don’t have to waste time sorting the unnecessary audios, pictures and video messages and also your phone remains super fast and efficient as always.

5. Share your current locations with a friend

If you are at some place you don’t know or if it’s just that you cannot explain your location to your friend, and if you don’t have time to explain your address; your massively efficient iPhone gives you’re an option to send your location directly to your friend after which you don’t have to worry about the right street or the left house. Just click on the details icon on the upper right corner while chatting and choose “Share my current location” option.

6. Let your friends track you

If you are a mommy of a teenager or just a possessive boyfriend, you can always use support of your iphone to track whereabouts of your dear ones. The details option on the upper right corner gives you an option to share your location and you can even select for how much time you want to be tracked, be it and hour or a day.

7. Mute boring conversations and even leave groups

Tired of being pinged all the time? Well now you have the liberty to choose who to hear and who to ignore and that all very easily, once again click the same details option on the top left corner and choose “Do not disturb” option. Also you can easily leave a group conversation of its full of irrelevant pings and stupid conversations. Once again choose the details option on the group chat page and choose to leave the conversation. Right after you click you are free of unwanted pings.

8. Have a complied view of photos and attachments

You can also see each and every photo and attachment anyone sent you without having to scroll through the conversation all over again, you just click the person’s icon and a profile page would be opened and right in the end you would find a compiled attachments box, you can go through any photo and attachment.



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