8 Entrepreneur Skills You Should Be Teaching Your Kids

8 Entrepreneur Skills You Should Be Teaching Your Kids
28 Oct 2015

Entrepreneurs are inspiring people but not everybody is able to get inspired. We teach our children a lot about the manners and how to talk, how to eat and how to sit. We never are focused on developing a skillset which might help them in future and in becoming one of the inspiring personalities. We grow them up to be normal but nobody focuses on extraordinary which is required to be successful in the current era. Also, we bound our kids too much that it never are able to learn to become their own boss which is very important in being successful. Letting kids make their own choices is the first and key entrepreneur skills you can teach your kids, yes never let them slip away with bad choices but try to respect the right choices they make as it will shape up their inspiring future.

Your kids will need you for understanding and gaining those skills as they need you to teach them how to tie their shoe lace. Your kids would be thankful in future if you teach them the following skills as these skills will pave their way to become next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.


It is one of very vital entrepreneur skills as it teaches the person to have a thin skin towards life changes because as they say “The carousel never stops turning”, well accordingly life never stop turning and if you are unable to accept changes you will be facing a lot of distress in life. Resilience or Flexibility whatever you call it the meaning is one of the key factors that will help you to shape up life accordingly.

How to incorporate this skill: Teach your kids to express their thoughts and emotions, also you can put stress on never to hide feelings and thus you can teach them to adjust according to their feelings. You can also help them in sharing their stuff with others so they don’t feel robbed when other kids or relatives use their stuff. It will teach them to adjust according to the situation.

2. Encourage creativity

It’s the key element of entrepreneur mind therefore you must encourage creativity and trigger the thought process of your kids, let them come up with ideas and encourage them to find solutions of their problems. Innovation is the key to success and your child’s innovative mind will lead it to the success

3. Let them rough it out

Don’t pamper your kids too much and let them know the value of hard work by engaging them in home chores and sometimes with your own office work, so they know what it takes.

4. Teach them curiosity

Teach your kids to explore stuff, make them curious about knowing things. A great mind holds the knowledge and you should help them in gaining new hobbies and learning new things.

5. Confidence

Self-confidence is very important, children must be taught to handle things and speak up by themselves and speak for themselves as well as others. Teaching them the required self-confidence will help them become leaders of tomorrow. Encourage and appreciate their opinions in order to boost self-confidence.

6. Empathy

Being empathetic is very important for a meaningful life, feeling for others make you a complete human being and most importantly a better human being. So, teach you kids the value of feeling for the sufferings of other human beings, because not everyone is kind enough and empathetic people are better leaders.

7. Positivity

Positivity is very important because negative feelings claws the bad happenings from inside. Positive feelings and optimism will teach the kids to never give up on trying which is very important as nobody becomes successful in first try and fighting hurdles with positivity is what makes an excellent entrepreneur.

8. Responsibility

Teaching your kids to be responsible is important for their own good and for the good of community. Responsible kids make responsible citizens. Teach your kids to stand up for their mistakes and own them as well as helping others overcoming their mistakes. This would not only make them better citizens but help them to grow up as great leaders of tomorrow.


Sadia Sharafat

“Sadia Sharafat is a successful entrepreneur and has been working with FREELANCEPULP and smart electric scooter since a while now; she is an enthusiastic person and always loves to share wonderful ideas of success with folks."

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