7 Smart Questions during an Interview

7 Smart Questions during an Interview
29 Jul 2015

Successful companies today have the state of art company culture and values and the workforce of the company determines its cultures, therefore assessing the emotional intelligence of an employee is very important to formulate an exemplary culture which can be followed by others too.  Having a carefully considered and reviewed interview questions can definitely help you in finding the right person for your company. Also having the setoff right questions will also help to eradicate the unfit employees.

Many companies around the world experience difference in cultures but there is a non-negotiable emotional intelligence of every candidate which would take your company among the top ones.

Following are the questions that would help you to find the appropriate candidate for your company.

1. Do you get inspired, if yes by who?

Inspiration is one of the key factors in successful entrepreneurship, inspiration works as a motivation in business and getting to know who inspires your employee to be and why can reveal a lot about the interviewee values and personality. This question can reveal what exactly the interviewee wants to be and how does he view himself.

2. What must be the top 3 values of a company?

This question can tell you what would be your company’s values if you hire the interviewee because even if he/she doesn’t possess these values he would try his best to incorporate them in his personality as your appreciation for those values must be quite clear. The most common values which are and must be the top priority of individual employees are honesty, integrity and trust. If the interviewee possesses the values he pointed out already then well and good for your company.

3. How can you carry your team towards the shifted goals, if they are shifted?

In business change of priorities is a common trend as the market trends fluctuate every now and then, so you must hire somebody who is flexible enough to mold himself or maybe he can be all-rounder. So if you are going to hire someone please consider the above questions in order to find out how good the interviewee is at strategic developments towards shifts. You might also consider hiring self motivated, self aware and also show empathy because this set of skills would identify a team player.

4. Do you make long term friends at workplace?

Not everybody has an ability to socialize and those who do only like to do it for a time being. Long friendships at workplace are a good sign of emotional intelligence. Also friendships tell that the person has strong communication skills along with the consideration and care for others.

5. What skills you think you still need to learn?

Learning is a good sign; curiosity and the need to learning show that employee has a potential to learn and grow. People who deny this kind of question are the ones you need to steer away because these people lack the ability to be flexible and learn things when time comes.

6. What can you teach me?

This question is a tricky one as it might be a trick, a skill, a lesson, or a puzzle but the answer might expose several things about the candidate.

– If the person takes time to think before answering.

– If the person has a technical ability to confront the question with something you are less knowledgeable about.

– Whether a person gets confused and shows empathy

7. What are the three attributes you would credit your success for?

This question would determine whether the person is selfless or selfish. When somebody talks about their success try concentrating if the person uses “I, I, I” “Me, Me, Me” or if he uses “We, We, We” or “Us”.

When hiring someone look for the team player who can bring new values and bring team together and takes it to the new levels of success and also is positive for the company. If someone who is smart in room then surely they are good but if you don’t enjoy working with them then he/she isn’t a team player in fact a selfish player who only focuses on their success.


Sadia Sharafat

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