7 Compelling Tips to Heighten Your Confidence Levels

7 Compelling Tips to Heighten Your Confidence Levels
22 Sep 2015

It is mostly evident that successful people are more confident than others. Success is assumed as the key factor behind the confident personality people hold. This assumption that “success that leads to confidence” is totally wrong in-fact it is “confidence that leads to the successful life”. If you have confidence in your ideas and you present it in your style people tend to trust you more.

One’s own doubts gives birth to others. How will anyone put faith in your ideas and decisions if you yourself are not certain about it? It is essential to have confidence and take new challenges in the life. People who do not have faith in their selves get too stuck at one place because they do not dare take new opportunities.

People who lack confidence let their life go in flow with time. The hurdles they might have to face if taken a chance scare them so they avoid it. It is not that they don’t get opportunities in life but such people do not avail the valuable chances they get. Confidence is the backbone of success in career. None is born with a confident personality. Everyone can become confident with time. With confidence you can reach the places you would not have dreamt about provided with hard work, determination and proper guideline

Here are eight tips to get you there.

1.Take an honest look at yourself
To reach your dream destination one has to be honest about one self. It is important to know your weaknesses so that you can work on it. It is often rightfully said that avoidance and ignorance of our weak areas leads o failure. Once you acknowledge your weak points you can earn all the confidence you need by hard work. You can yield the strength out of your weaknesses.

There is a huge difference in pretending to be confident and to be confident in reality. Pretending makes you brag but when you get aware about your loop holes and you work day and night to get pass them the real confidence rises from inside and that is what becomes the path way of bright future.

2. Learn to say no
Research conducted at the University of California in San Francisco showed that for most of the people it is very hard to say NO even when it is important to say it. Even if they say no it causes severe stress depression and frustration to them. Confident people know the most appropriate ways to reject and say no when it is the right time. So, to be confident it is important to analyze the situations and say no when it is the right time. Practicing it and analyzing the situations helps you avoid tension and stress. So, learn to say NO when required.

3. Figure it out with your boss
Most of the people face difficulty to communicate with their bosses; it becomes worst when the boss is critical and shares a crucial relation with employees. It is imperative to clear the differences you share with your boss. Have a healthy relation and try to be more expressive but in the appropriate manner. In-case your relation with boss has passed the certain boundary and it cannot be maintained then it’s time to move on and get another job.

4. Find inspiration
An experienced and confident mentor would help you to reach your destination. A mentor can guide you the ways to be perfect and remove the barriers. A good mentor can act as a mirror, giving you the perspective you need to believe in yourself.  A mentor can educate you on the repair of inside.

5. Include exercise in your daily routine
Exercise  also have a great impact on enhancing confidence a study conducted at the Eastern Ontario Research Institute found that people  habitual of exercising twice a day are more competent socially and academically. A good physique also makes a man feel more confident.  Schedule your exercise to make certain it happens, and your confidence will stay up.

6. Dress smartly
Appearance also has a role in booting confidence so one should pay attention while picking up dress, color, style and accessories.

7. Avoid aggressiveness
An aggressive attitude has a bad impact on confidence so you better try to avoid aggression and be assertive.

Your confidence depends on how you develop your life style and your positive approach towards life. An optimistic approach is a key of leading a confident life.


Sadia Sharafat

“Sadia Sharafat is a successful entrepreneur and has been working with FREELANCEPULP and smart electric scooter since a while now; she is an enthusiastic person and always loves to share wonderful ideas of success with folks."

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