7 Attributes of Powerful People You Can Pursue

7 Attributes of Powerful People You Can Pursue
18 Sep 2015

Have you ever thought, what exactly makes someone powerful? Do people just believe that someone is powerful? Basically, power is not so much created as it is granted upon by those we interact with. The more people perceive you to have power and worth, the more power you actually have.

However there are certain characteristics in life that enhances the probability of one being viewed as influential and dynamic. Frequently people believe that a powerful person has power because he or she has the ability to impact on the decisions and resolutions of others. While it’s true to some extent, the only reason they are able to influence others is because other people believe them to be dominant to begin with.

So, where does power originate from? Well, from YOU. In the way you divine the world, the way you approach people, the way your thought processes work, basically the way you life your life. High-powered people have certain characteristics of their own. Here are few of them:

1. Confidence.

Yes, powerful people are packed full of confidence. Confidence is a skill that you can definitely work on to enhance. As you probably know that people are inherently drawn towards more self-assured people, it would be of benefit to work on building up self-esteem. Confidence makes powerful people to fearlessly tackle and challenge any uncertainties and insecurities head-on. Also, optimistic people cherish small achievements work on socializing, let go of the past and realise what’s more significant.

2. Speak Sensibly.

Think about someone who does not talk all that much but whenever he or she does it is something influential, functional and thoughtful. Powerful people know exactly when to talk and what to say at the accurate time. Additionally, not speaking unnecessarily lowers their odds of saying something indiscreet and unintelligent. So be assured that whatever you say is authoritative and consequential and is being said at an appropriate occasion.

3. Being Unambiguous.

Powerful people are certain on what they want from their life and how to achieve it. They don’t permit themselves to get caught up and lost in day-to-day gibberish that throws the ordinary off course. They have one reality and they only emphasise on living that reality entirely the way they wish to live it. They are single-minded; they focus on one existence and one existence only.

4. Are Not afraid To encounter Disapproval.

When you are holding a strong position of power, some of your resolutions and decisions might be disliked. Strong and powerful people are not afraid of the counterblast because if they were they would not be able to take charge and do what’s in the best interest for their customers or company. So, be flexible and more pliable to any setbacks and mishaps.

5. Aiming High

Powerful people are very goal-oriented and according to them everything in life has a rationale. Following the reality and understanding the worlds are all parts of a chain reaction. They are convinced that in order to get somewhere something has to propel that chain reaction. Forceful people are aware of what they want to achieve and consequently they never aim low. They focus and then press the trigger, doing everything they can in their capability to get what they desire of.

6. Physical Health.

Powerful people inevitably keep their physical health in mind. It is kind of obvious that for you to function properly, you must be physically well. A good physical health enables both the body and mind to perform better, faster and much more innovatively. Sitting in front of computer for prolonged periods can take a toll on your body. Additionally staying healthy and in shape at work prevents you from those extra calories.

Powerful people avoid taking part in things that have no purpose, that are wasteful and meaningless. They tend to stay out of matters that are potentially damaging to their life and that can make things complicated for them. They have a very sound understanding of the contrast between what they want and what they need from their life and they therefore make sure to focus at their wants while their needs are well-perpetuated.


Sadia Sharafat

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