6 Tips to Turn your One-time Clients into Regular Clients

6 Tips to Turn your One-time Clients into Regular Clients
13 Mar 2015

As much as being the boss of your own business might seem exciting, it is as tiring and demanding. Being an entrepreneur myself, catering to client’s day in and day out can be a hefty task. Well surprisingly, it is not the work that requires much effort, but instead building a loyal customer relationship, which leaves the customer happy and asking for more. It is not just through personal experience but also studies carried out at Harvard University, prove that a strong and healthy relationship with the customer can increase your profit percent by at least 25 percent.

Given below are 6 steps, which are bound to help you build a loyal relationship with your client and thus increase your profit, and flourish your business.


1.  Building a relationship can be tricky, but stick in there!

Some clients may be easy to cater to, but there are many who are too demanding and a bit insecure. They are not easily convinced and satisfied. Your job is to gain their trust and make them feel comfortable. This means you have to put forward your best and wait patiently for their response, and be ready to take both, positive or negative. This is how we feel, but when you look through the client’s perspective, it’s not easy for them either to trust a stranger at the very first chat or meeting. So to gain their trust, you need to remain patient and be willing to go an extra mile. Read on and you’ll figure out how.


2.  Try to know your client to the core

When building a trusted relation, the first and foremost thing is to generally know your client and his requirements. As much as knowing him on personal or friendly grounds is going to help you break the communication gap, so is knowing and catering to his business requirements mark you to the top of his Go-to list. Try to acquire what are his biggest fears and dreams, regarding his work and try to work around that idea.


3. Putting in some extra effort

To turn yourself from a vendor, to a trusted business partner, it is necessary you help the client in his hard times. Help him out when he most needs it. Even if it means going an extra mile. This may also mean providing him customized options, so he feels he is being catered to specifically.


4. Respond promptly

When you receive an email or call, try to respond quickly, even if it means you have nothing to answer to them. Just give them the satisfaction that you are in contact, and will come with a solution ASAP.


5. Give every client your best

When catering to clients, it is necessary you treat each and every one of them with utmost care and attention, because happy and satisfied customers tend to recommend and refer you to others. Be it a small scale client or one with a fortune, you don’t know what they might turn into later or who they might refer you to. So give your best!


6. Don’t restrict yourself to emailing

Last but not the least, when it comes to communicating, emails can sometimes be boring and not well communicated. A friendly business call or a face to face meeting every once in a while rekindles the much needed trust in a business relationship.


Remisha Hasnain

A mother of a two year old and a go getter, with the love to read, write and inspire!

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