6 Tips to Make Your App Shine in Application Store

6 Tips to Make Your App Shine in Application Store
31 Jul 2015

Applications are one of the latest ways to earn fastest money; they not only make you famous but also come with the guarantee of paying you millions in return of little investment. So the trend has been moved a lot from the browser to applications and so is number of applications increasing every upcoming second which indicates the increasing competition among application market, therefore being at the top of game is important in this field too.

The sad truth about this market is that only few applications among millions make it to the top. As per research a common smart phone user uses only 27 applications per month and “uses” indicate that the application is opened once in a while. These applications may include alarm, emails, messaging etc, while only 15 applications are used on daily basis.

The top positions in the application store have already been taken; therefore you need to apply some smart guidelines in order to lead this market.

1. Keep a focus on local market

The application store is usually known as generating 1% economy because it is quite evident that only few top applications generate the most revenue and have took place of all others. But getting to top is not easy as in United States you need to reach 100,000 downloads in the first 72 hours of launching your application. To get this much downloads you definitely need a great marketing budget, but luckily these values fluctuate from region to region as the download target is much lower in countries like United Kingdom, Germany and France. So you must consider beating the markets which have lower target values.

2. Your SEO (ASO) must speak for you

Researches shows that most of the people search new apps by friend referrals (50%) otherwise by just flicking through the top applications, therefore being on the top is most important. The question in every mind is just how to do so, well the answer is as simple as SEO (ASO). Keywords is the simplest answer adding high volume, low competition keywords can help you to make it to the top. Apps which have keywords in the title are expected to make it better; the app descriptions with keywords are likely to help.

3. Add quality screenshots, icons and videos

These are the things which can urge people to not download your application, despite being on top. Your icons, screenshots and videos let people anticipate how it’d be to download your app. It also convinces users to download the application. Your screenshots must be attractive and icons must be classy. Adding a video will make it possible for users to understand the application and features. Video is also a potential sales tool, so make sure that your video doesn’t merely include features but is interesting and encourages users to download it.

4. Your copyrighting text must be attractive

Your introduction lines must be as attractive as possible, also be smart to include every possible keyword in your copyright text. These lines must be charming, powerful and be able to state your proposal in brief yet fully understandable manner.

5. Improve your reviews

Your application reviews count for 75% of your application success, whereas screenshots and descriptions account for 15 and 10 percent, correspondingly. So having good reviews is the lifeline of your application. Most of the users review application very well if they are satisfied but most report for technical errors if you application is not lame as well. You should also consider adding an extra outlet for complaints and technical errors.

6. Consider segmentation for increased ratings

You might add segments for people who love the app and who unlike the app, you must give people options to like or dislike. This can be done via this method; don’t ask for review in fact your pop up must as people “do you like this app?” with the thumbs up and thumbs down options. If the customer chooses no, direct them to the review page directly, so they have no escape. This method works for 50% of the users. Segmentation is good option for getting increased ratings and some good reviews.


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