6 Tips to Be a Paid Speaker (P.S They Earn a Lot)

6 Tips to Be a Paid Speaker (P.S They Earn a Lot)
28 Sep 2015

Yes, we definitely see those people every now and then who keep us engaged and interested in boring seminars and promotions, but don’t be surprised if I tell you that they get paid like anything by biggest companies as keeping the high profile guests from getting bored is quite a task. Well, as we know that these speakers are paid good and by these I don’t only mean the ones who tell jokes but all kinds of speakers including the motivational speakers, informative speakers, career counseling speakers or whatever else.

Being a speaker is not a piece of cake though so you need to be good at it because just by speaking efficiently you can make money. Also, do remember that there is a fine line between volunteer speakers and paid speakers.

We have pointed out some great ways to gain the qualities of exceptional speaker, here’s how you go about it.

  1. Rehearse some quality stories

When you tell stories you are definitely going to be given attention so make sure those are thrilling ones, ordinary is no choice when you are a paid speaker. Those stories must provide some motivational lesson or any great advice in its essence because you know even a joker can make people laugh. Whenever you rehearse your speech stories you need to understand what question your story is going to answer so think carefully and be thrilling.

For instance you can tell people how you managed to motivate that person who was on his way to jump off the roof and remember that stories don’t always have to be true because they are stories so make something up that will excite guests, moreover don’t forget to spice up things by humor or by interacting with the crowd.

  1. Use some fancy advices

High tech era has given many chances for connecting and expanding on a larger scale and so the audience of the seminars or conferences are usually online updating about their current surroundings, so when you use some fancy advices you are more likely to be tweeted more as people pass on what they hear. When you use one line advices, it makes your audience engaged for example if you are speaking on any motivational niche you can use things like “Come on, now or never” or “Gear up folks, life is all about choices and you decide good or bad, so why not great”. The lines you commonly use become your benchmark and you start to be known by it, as I just love this line by a TV show “Come on people, it’s a great day to save lives” so whenever it is heard I’m sure that TV show is the topic of conversation  and same becomes the case with people.

  1. Use humor

Humor is the LIFELINE of the perfect speech so don’t forget the good humor even if you have to add the satire or metaphor. Good humor always help you keep going with all the required attention, also you will be applauded like president at the end, trust me its experience talking.

  1. Have your own web

Having website make you authentic and reachable, therefore a website will boost your career like anything. Also be very interactive on your website, you can even hire someone to respond to queries or upload your short videos, you can also find time to post some great experiences. With the website you’ll be accessed by authentic companies and biggest events which is all you need.

  1. Always ask for reviews

Yeah that sounds little awkward but I’ve experienced people coming up at the end of the event to tell how awesome you are or how motivated they are, so rather than just thanking them ask them to write a review for you on your website because reviews are all you need to be famous. Good reviews will help you shoot the starts.

  1. Use Social media

Be active on all the social media platforms even if you don’t know how to use those things, because social media is the greatest tool ever and people are likely to search you on Facebook if they are even a little impressed.  You can also give your social media contact at the end of the speech.


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