6 Tips for Affordable Marketing

6 Tips for Affordable Marketing
01 Sep 2015

Marketing alone can cost more than the entire business itself because marketing is one of the important tools for the success of your business. Marketing needs millions of budget and every year many people drop their business ideas because they don’t have enough budget to cater marketing. So it is very vital to have the effective marketing strategy that would not eat up all your investments and will be productive as well.

The conventional marketing practices are very costly and they don’t guarantee the results so be bit more modern in your marketing strategy and implement only the effectual and efficient strategy. Here are some handy tips that can help you with the reasonable yet fruitful marketing.

1. Provide giveaways with the help of partners

The giveaways and other various contests are important for keeping your company amidst the changing trends of society. So instead of holding small events, small price money and small contests you can hold the larger events by partnering up with different prominent names so that you get your financial support along with excellent endorsement and marketing. You can ask your partners to pool in for the contest and also share the databases of their clients so you have access to larger target population.

2. Encourage users to generate material for you

You can use this technique smarty and can utilize social media for the purpose. Try to encourage people by providing some rewards which can be even a T-shirt, get reviews and make opportunities for people to write for you. There is this example of Doritos Company which holds an annual contest for users to make quality videos for the brand. You can also use this tactic on a smaller scale by making people write single lines about your company and the final selected participant can be given a single small mp3 or a cool T-shirt. It all urges users to provide input in the core materials of your company.

3. Encourage word of mouth and referrals

Start using this technique as soon as possible because I have seen it working for many people. So basically encourage customers to spread you around by providing them exceptional services. The word of mouth is a great tool in contemporary word because once a person mentions you in any group of peers, colleagues or family you get free and most reliable form of advertisement. You must also start encouraging referrals by starting with small incentives first. You don’t need to allocate special budget for such referrals as you have the card of discount coupons or small giveaways.

4. Remember social media is most powerful

Social media is the greatest marketing tools today, there are real life stories of businesses who flourished just with the social media page, so yes Twitter and Facebook is oxygen today, you are nothing without your well reputed social media page. You can also get other related marketing strategies by going through other established social media pages. Moreover if you can let some money slip out of your pocket for YouTube video please do so but with excellent animation, information and classy humor, many business videos went viral because of the well-organized content.

5. Get some brand endorsers

Not a problem at all because many people would love to do it for free. Brand ambassador are the individual that are ready to become your public representative whether for the product or company, so hire some enthusiastic, friendly and efficient brand ambassadors for you company who have access to different channels of marketing for your company. It is not a costly procedure but it helps a lot in the marketing.

6. Renew old campaigns

Recreating the older campaigns is an old but productive marketing technique of all times because it has some sense of connection with people because of its older aspect but the thing which can be quite useful to you in marketing is that the old campaigns are already designed and tested which will save you a lot of time and effort because creating a new one will certainly be one heck of problem for you. So recreate or renew some effective old campaigns by just adding some important trendy aspects.


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