6 Shortcomings of Apple Watch

6 Shortcomings of Apple Watch
21 Jun 2015

The most awaited Apple Watch has started to land in stores and mailboxes finally. All the gossips about Apple Watch features are finally getting some point. People had different views about the pros and cons of Apple’s most advanced technical innovation.

Apple watch has a mystery of drawbacks which every one of us feels after buying the very expensive Apple Watch. Apple Watch no doubt is a one step further in innovative technology, but we all must consider the facts about how smartly companies like Apple has replaced our very dear tradition of wrist watches with yet another gadget.

Apple watch is not even more complex but also demanding in terms of charging it every single day. When compared to my very dear wrist watch, Apple Watch gives me a really hard time as I’m not so careful person to handle it with delicacy and my wrist watch was very compromising in this these terms.

Well as we know nothing is perfect and same goes for Apple Watch, the gadget has some major downsides which makes me think that I was good with my wrist watch.

1. Feels same as apple phone

What’s the point of having two same gadgets? Okay I know Apple Watch makes it easier to have notifications right in your hand, but why get too brandy and let a brand individualize your personality. Trust me if you have Apple phone you are already lucky enough and if you really want something different get a Macbook or Ipod, wasting your hardly earned money just to be more sedentary is not so cool. There’s no logic in getting two same gadgets of same brand for same purpose.

2. Same boring widgets and applications

Oh yes, the one I feel deeply about. Till how many days I or event anybody can get fascinated by track of their heartbeat. There are hundreds of applications which can measure your heartbeat or you can just get the feature authentically in the Samsung’s S5. The watch also seems to measure footsteps, but why would one want to do so? Thankyou Apple for shrinking lovely apps in to a single timepiece, but we already had both the timepieces and the lovely applications.

3. Fortune for show offs

Apple Watch has introduced so far another brand of wrist watches for designers to make it look customized, one can buy the diffent versions of iWatch ranging from sporty designs to gold plated expensive classy look. So yes you can buy a $400 Apple watch and you can also buy a $17,000 Apple watch. Why so discrimination Apple?

4. Want people to hear your phone call out loud? Get iwatch

Instead of supporting it with some earpiece, here is what Apple did. If you want to listen to a quick call and you are on the road, trust me you’d first have to make a funny posture by bringing up your arm to your mouth and then speaking out aloud, while others can cheerfully enjoy what the caller is talking to you about. So if anybody wants to catch some attention in the middle of street or a party, get the expensively perky iwatch.

5. Reply to private text messages audibly

Oh, Apple watch lets you reply to the text messages with the already installed templates and in case none of them are helping genius Apple has introduced brilliant voice recognition system which transcribes whatever you speak but what if you want to send a private text message and have to make the stupid posture so your watch can hear you and so can others, In case you don’t want any of it, you got to grab your precious Apple phone in order to do so.

  1. Efficient Apple watch can’t reply to an email

Another important thing I’d like to seize your attention to is that your charming, expensive and smart Apple Watch which can measure almost anything you do, does not have the ability to let you respond back to your email. If you got some important email, your Apple Watch notifies you instantly and so does Iphone only that it lets you respond to it quickly. So if you have to respond to an email urgently you got to take out your Apple phone and look stupid by wearing Apple Watch and holing Apple phone at the same time.


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