6 Easy Steps to Handle a Displeased Customer

6 Easy Steps to Handle a Displeased Customer
13 Mar 2015

No matter how much effort you put into taking care of your customers, or providing them with the best possible solution, there comes a time when you have to face a customer who is angry and utterly displeased. The solution to this problem is very simple, however it requires utmost amount of patience and the will to keep your client happy and satisfied.

When a person is paying for something, and if even the slightest of things go wrong, a general amount of angriness is quite common. As per the customer, it is their right. Well they are not completely wrong. In such situations, your business and its name is at stake. The way you respond is going to decide whether the client will become your loyal and praising customer, or would abolish your services for a lifetime. What would you prefer? If not the latter, then read on, to find out how to respond and make the best out of an uneasy situation.


1. Keep yourself Calm

In a situation where the customer is hyper and may be being rude, you behaving in a similar manner, wouldn’t be of any help. All it’s going to do is ignite the situation, resulting in no good for either side. As per experience, the customer in no way is going to calm down, so it is better you do.


2. The client doesn’t mean anything personal

When dealing with such a situation, keep in mind that the client is not happy with the provided service or product. He has certainly got know personal grudges against you. Keeping this in your mind will help you from making the situation personal, and would increase your chances of providing a better solution.


3. Listen to the client

When clients are angry, the first thing they want to do is rant it all out. Unfortunately the person they believe is worthy of the rant is none other than you. Once the client cleans everything from his system, there are better chances of him listening to your part of the story. Therefore be patient and listen to whatever they have to say, and don’t dare sound inconsiderate. Trust me, it’s a huge put off!


4. Sympathize 

When the customer is done with the rant, he is comparatively cooled down and then is the time when you feel sorry for what the customer had to go through.


5. Apologize like you mean it

Apology is sometimes the only thing that sets a lot of things straight. Usually what a client really is looking for is a way to throw out all the aggression and frustration from his system, and when you apologize, he feels being taken care of and thus tries to be a little realistic and satisfied.


6. Come up with a solution

Lastly, after the client has calmed down to some degree, sincerely offer them the best possible solution, to make up for anything and everything the customer had to go through.

Also keep in mind, there are times when you are not precisely at fault, but in order to continue working with the client on good terms, apologizing and offering a compensation is your best call.


Remisha Hasnain

A mother of a two year old and a go getter, with the love to read, write and inspire!

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