6 Careers Which Have High Suicide Rates

6 Careers Which Have High Suicide Rates
04 Jul 2015

To be honest, no job is easy and stress comes as a complimentary thing in ups and downs of a career. So we all are basically fine with the little portion of stress we have to deal with as a part of our jobs. Unfortunately some of us have to face more job stress than others. Some of the important things that can give you hard time in job is workload, emotional stress and demanding client and fortunately many of us find indeed really good ways to overcome all such stress.

There are some career options which surprisingly have a really high suicide rate which makes me wonder what it is that can push you to take your own life, but trust me you are really lucky if you don’t have this kind of stress in your job.

Underneath are those scariest choices which can turn your world in a dreamland and at the same time has highest suicide rates.

1. Scientist

Yes our very own scientists whom we like for their innovation and newest discoveries. Scientists are always in demand to innovate, to introduce something new. So the job of scientist is full of pressures including thorough studies and continuous demand to publish new findings etc. The competition in today’s world can be really stressful for scientists. Scientists can even face a lot of stress when they discover something harmful, many spend days and nights in laboratory and still aren’t able to get the expected results. Such factors are leading cause of depression leading to suicides.

2. Police officer

This job is always risky with never ending mishaps and stressful. However we see them as a hero who saves everyone but their job truly has the ability to take their lives. Cops in most of the countries usually have a hectic routine and no rest. They have to face the difficult, horrified situations like fires, murders, accidents etc. Such stressful factors can definitely make them a top of victim of fatal depression leading to suicides.

3. Stock broker

Oh those shiny cars and big houses they own, every one of us wish for is usually the only side of the story. Trust me stock brokers have to work like hogs in order to get most out of their profession. Stock brokers face the utmost challenge and pressure of managing other people’s money and we all are aware of the risks if any of the amounts has been misused or misplaced. Also the stock prices are regulated by the economic factors and any effect on the prices can turn the world in to the nightmare for stock brokers. Such always stormy condition teaches some to rise above while others sink in its ever calling darkness.

4. Surgeons

There are always set of risks for surgeons and when talking about stress the medical school, the residency and the fellowship can do real justice to it. The risk factors, demands and pressure even get out of limits when you actually become a practicing surgeon. Yes surgeons hardly get any time off, a coffee break maybe? Maybe! Well apart of long hours and stressful routines they actually are responsible for life or death of the person lying on the operating table.

5. Lawyers

Yes those suited people we hire whenever we face any sort of legal issue. The shiny faces are expensive suits are just the perks of being a lawyer but except all the charm, there is a lot lawyers have to face. Especially corporate lawyers are always in demand and they usually work all the time reviewing policies, making new ones and being a defending shield for their companies. Whatever happens in legal matters, lawyers have to face it working day or night, preparing only the best. The criminal lawyers are under the pressure of saving their clients, whether guilty or not. This can definitely take all your passion away and can be a leading cause of suicides in this career.

6. Engineers/construction managers

Those poor guys always have to make sure that a thing is formulated or build just according to plan. The construction guys without having to care for the dust, cold or sun are liable to work. Limited budgets, short deadlines, heavy pressures and high expectations can definitely cause harmful stress and suicide.




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