5 Ways to Connect with Anyone Straight Away

5 Ways to Connect with Anyone Straight Away
04 Nov 2015

Is encountering new people your project of misery? Would you rather be alone in a cellar than to meet a stranger? Instead of foreboding your upcoming meeting, learn the strategies of how you can face it. No matter what your plan of concern really is there is no escape here, relationships rule the world. However why is it that certain people are capable of developing instant bonds, while others fail to do so?

The very method of communication that we use regulates where we go in our life and what we acknowledge. It impacts upon how much you earn in your life and how you progress in the future. If we lack the ability to launch our new product to a client or to demand our desired income, then we can seriously restrict our earning. Additionally our profoundness of a particular relationship will be repressed if we lack the self-confidence of connecting with strangers or manifesting ourselves.

Interpreting how human conduct correlates with your specific profession can give you a substantial economical gain. Following are the ways to build an immediate connection with anyone you meet:

  1. Be Extremely Attentive!

It is virtually impossible to offer your viewpoint or perspective if are not alert and observant enough. When you are in a conversation with someone don’t prioritise yourself. Instead pay full attention towards the person of interest by analysing there body language and expressions. Don’t look away and try to maintain maximum eye contact. Ignorance and a lack of attention to what someone’s saying can compel that person to think that whatever they are saying is insignificant or inferior which can terribly influence their mode of confidence. Make a habit of practising successful communication tactics when planning for a meeting.

  1. Don’t Dissimulate That You Have All the Knowledge in the World.

Whenever we are in a conversation with someone, we often want to demonstrate our knowledge and mastery. It can sometimes be difficult for people to accept that they are involved in a process of learning something new. They find it strenuous to receive instructions because of the perception that they know everything and they should be the ones giving commands. It doesn’t matter what your level of qualification and experience is, you should always allow room for the other person to take control and feel admired. When you appreciate someone it enables them to be more accessible. Therefore don’t let your ego dominate your personality as it can be quite damaging for you in the long term.

  1. Be Helpful!

Even the most authoritative and leading personalities around the world have something they would need guidance for. A majority of people restrict themselves from reaching out to powerful people just because of the distress that would not be of any help to them. However by enclosing your thoughts in a circle of confinements, you may not realise what you actually have to offer. Be more open about what you can propose. Even if you are unable to actually help them with something, the act of offering the help will alone be appreciated.


  1. Don’t Associate Yourself with Everything.

While you are having a discussion with someone and they are taking, let them take the authority. Even though we know that relating to a story or a situation is a fine way of boosting communication. While this is perfect when done occasionally, nothing is more aggravating when its overstated.

Interrupting every single time someone attempts to talk can result in a lack of trust in a relationship. It not only terminates the other person’s concentration but also makes them ambivalent to talk anymore.

  1. Plan in Advance.

Many people feel hysterically anxious when it comes to making conversations and communication. However if you plan ahead how you will be presenting yourself and what questions you’ll be asking, your meeting can run much more smoothly. Be curious but make sure that the questions you are about to ask are significant and they make sense.

The formula is to ask questions that are not unpleasant but do engage the person in a process of reasoning. This will not only guaranty a captivating conversation but will also make your personality unforgettable.

It all comes down to being adjustable and adaptable to the changing circumstances and being as helpful as you possibly can. When you learn how you can be a source of help for everyone around you, things tend to fall into perspective themselves and instantly the world will appear to be in your dominance.





Sadia Sharafat

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