5 Tips to Save Yourself Smartly from Routine HR Tasks

5 Tips to Save Yourself Smartly from Routine HR Tasks
11 Aug 2015

HR is definitely one of the important departments in any business but it is also usually at the backburner of the company. Nobody is really interested in HR work because it’s usually boring because the work is consistently same and there’s nothing new or interesting.

HR as boring as it may seem does have an unreasonable amount of workload every month. The work rarely stops in HR most of which is administrative work, bit of employee relation and documentations.  However, HR must have enough time to focus on the human side of their job and that is to always keep an eye on who needs to be fired, who needs to be promoted, which candidates have the potential, how to hire the best workforce etc rather than preparing payrolls.

Following are the tips that can help you to get rid of the routine HR tasks efficiently.

1. Introduce electronic form filling

New hires are important in any company as their success rate will have an impression on company’s success statistics. As the first impression matters most in few cases it is important that new hires experience the best. With new hires come tons of paperwork therefore encourage new hires to fill the necessary and relevant forms online before joining. Also use the electronic signatures which make it easier to transfer documents.

Again the new hires will better understand you because of physical presence and hard copies but try achieving that by assigning each new hire a mentor, which will be more than supervisor and trainer and walk them through the process easy, answer their queries and advice them not just for the first week but for first few months.

2. Automated signups

Enrollment can be the worst possible nightmare for the HR as the new and old both employees will bombard HR with the tons of questions which even HR wouldn’t be able to answer off hand. So when it comes to such enrollments make sure you have electronic signup system available which will make it easier to keep a record of signups, also you can offer answers of the frequently ask questions electronically.

For example incorporate the help icon and integrate all the normally inquired answers and question in the help section. Try to integrate help and enrollment on the same page.

3. Automatic Payrolls and timesheets

The employees never find it easy to keep a track of their work hours exactly. Employees who even do it are not accurate and there is always a chance of mistakes, therefore it becomes important to introduce an automated timesheet method which will accurately keep track of employee’s working hours.

Most of the companies in world already have followed this simple and efficient method. You can also use a time tracking system that links up with the payrolls directly and saves a lot of time which is wasted in making payrolls.

4. Faster requests

The conventional time off requests include procedure like employees first fill in the form of request and find its way on the manager’s table after that if manager approves he will turn it to HR and after days of processing HR will approve and make necessary changes. This process takes a lot of time both for employees and HR; also it will be a headache for both parties.

Instead of this time consuming methods, an automated electronic system for requests can be introduced which will directly take the requests with subjects to the HR and the unnecessary requests can be arranged according to the priority of the subject.

5. Updating data

HR is usually considered to spend much of the time in arranging and updating employees’ information. Which is basically the task of employees therefore an electronic system for filling out such information by the employees must be launched which would leave no chance of error. HR’s important task is to keep track of the social events within the company like birthdays or promotions of employees.

So the automated system can be updated by employees themselves which will make it easier for HR to celebrate the workforce of the company rather than doing the date entry all the time.


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