5 mistakes that can kill a brand

5 mistakes that can kill a brand
14 Jul 2015

Building a business takes a lot and not everyone is able to do so and those who do it well aren’t usually capable enough to take it with same grace and success. Most of us fail in the process of maintaining the business. Being human we can commit the irreversible damage to our future of businesses. We spend millions of dollars and uncountable amount of energy in building the successful businesses or brands, but only few mistakes can be fatal for your businesses and they must be avoided at every cost if you want to save your business. One needs to be consistent when it comes to business matters because you never know where an unusual path might lead you.

Following are few mistakes which some of us do and it leads the brand to death but fortunately the mistakes are avoidable.

1. Uncertainty about target audience

You always need to be positive about what you are selling or what your business is, you must be focus oriented and must have knowledge about your target audience, otherwise you’d be a ship heading nowhere. Many entrepreneurs answer that they are trying to reach everybody when asked about the target audience, but trust me you cannot reach everyone if you are not Apple or Samsung or any multi billionaire company for that matter. The uncertainty of reaching everyone can slaughter your business because you cannot practically reach everyone.

2. Wasting time in explanations

When explaining anything you need to be precise, focused and accurate, you must have full knowledge about the topic you are explaining, but don’t brag about it and waste precious time of clients. People have short attention spans therefore you must make it sure to be precise yet clear in every manner in order to make your business grow. If your explanations don’t resonate rapidly then you surely have lost many chances of success. For instant if in a conference I want to socialize with someone I’d try to say something that’d be understood quickly. In brands the connections are most important thing; therefore you don’t dare to lose it by taking too long to explain.

3. Demanding support at the very beginning

You need support in order to grow is a sure thing in businesses and you’d certainly get it if you give enough consideration to demonstration before asking for support. In marketplace people aren’t obliged to buy your product but when you start asking for it at the very beginning, it’d merely be a lack of practicality which has a potential of killing your businesses. For avoiding this mistake you need to demonstrate people what’s in it for them. You have to show your product potential to people by walking people through the beneficial aspects.

4. Below average website and social media page

Your website says a lot about you, having a below average or average website can only make people disappointed in you because people don’t know you personally and people from all over the world will see you as you portray yourself which means your website, you must have interesting website or otherwise your brand is dead. Another important aspect in modern era is the social media page, people have a new tool now to find you and if you don’t have enough traffic or likes on the social media page then you are being judged negatively at the very first sight of your social media page. When people like something they go to Facebook to see reviews and if find them good they practically start admiring you. You need to communicate with people every now and then to keep your page interesting and interactive.

5. Poor temperament

Good and bad reviews are part of game and you can’t be like “Haters gonna hate” all the time, you need to have a good temperament in order to take the reviews practically. Such reviews might help you grow. Also while making important decisions your temperament can be the worst enemy. You need to asses yourself in this matter, what is your reaction when someone asks you a lot of questions about your product? Do you get irritated? Or do you answer with a smile? Answering with a smile always gives the right impression, and right impression is important in business.



Sadia Sharafat

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