5 Interview Answers that Will Get You Hired

5 Interview Answers that Will Get You Hired
28 Aug 2015

Interview is one of the most important aspect in the overall hiring, your CV and your transcript doesn’t count as much as your interview do. Your interview tells the employer about your personality your shortcomings and your pros therefore interview answers must be given smartly so that you have a good impression on the employer and your chances to get hired increase.

Interviewers judge your personality by asking very simple but very imperative questions. Most of us know that it all starts with tell me about yourself and usually ends with okay sum up your answers; however most of us answer these questions in typical manner and hardly prepare for them.

Here are some tips to answer these questions smartly and effectively.

1. Give us your introduction/tell us about yourself

This is usually the first question after saying hi; most of the interviewers around the world ask this question because of its vagueness and vitality. Majority of the candidate take this question personally and start bragging about their personal lives and happenings.

While some others brag about their personal interests outside work. But here’s the bragging alert and stupidity alert! Opening your personal life in front of the interviewer will not do any good to you; also it may reflect that you have low self control.

What the interviewer is really looking through this answer is that what traits you have that’d be helpful in this job. So you leave all the rest and give brief introduction about what good your traits can do to this job.

2. Any shortcomings?

It is such a political question honestly, because telling your weaknesses might get you in danger and majority doesn’t know any shortcomings which might interest the interviewer. For instance if you say that you can’t focus on relations and are focused on work will have a bad impact as teamwork is imperative but again telling that you lose interest in things sooner will not do any good either.

So this political question must be answered in a political way, you must tell your weakness but one that can be easily overcome, also that can be adapted and get rid of. For instance you can give example of some of your previous weaknesses which you got rid of and make an excellent story (Not too long, though).

3. Expected salary?

This is also one of the most important questions that are usually asked and for sure if you provide exact number, you might stick on that for the rest of your life or you just don’t get selected.

So this question can be answered with the confidence that “money doesn’t matter that much until I’m confident that I fit in the position accurately”. This answer can be a great help also you can tell them that “I know salary is important but I prefer to get the job done perfectly first and salary negotiations are welcomed after that”.

4. Briefly explain any last event, where you had to show your leadership skills?

This answer to this question must be compelling enough to satisfy employers. It is almost impossible to come up with any perfect situation under such pressure. Even if you are successful in designing a story you might not be able to communicate it. Therefore it must be hard for you to communicate well in accordance with the exceptional story.

The best way to answer this question is to practice some exceptional stories before the interview. Prepare stories that relate to you and show different attributes you have also let them introduce to your thought process.

5. Summing it up

It is the final phase in which the employer might ask you if you want to add in anything else and you must be confident that you have given answers to all the important questions but still if there is some room just ask about the company or add in to some industry related detail. Your answers must not look rehearsed and you must take appropriate time while answering the questions reassuring the employer that your answers are genuine and carefully considered. Avoid showing off but don’t hide the positive aspects of your personality.

Answer carefully, Good Luck!


Sadia Sharafat

“Sadia Sharafat is a successful entrepreneur and has been working with FREELANCEPULP and smart electric scooter since a while now; she is an enthusiastic person and always loves to share wonderful ideas of success with folks."

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