4 Things You Can Learn From Single Mom Entrepreneurs

4 Things You Can Learn From Single Mom Entrepreneurs
11 Aug 2015

Being a mom and an entrepreneur can teach you a lot about management and other important aspects of life. Business can give you very hard time, mainly when you are a mother. So we all need to learn something from the women who successfully run companies, their families and still are content with their lives.

The mother entrepreneurs are usually successful because of their desire to give better life to their kids and for some the idea of business came along with kids. There are many things we can learn from these wondrous, multi-tasking creatures. Let’s learn!

1. Don’t give in to negativity

Let me introduce you to Lisa Stone who is a co-founder of a blog named “BlogHer” initiated in 2005, and now entertains the viewership of 100 million. Also various events are held under the blog name throughout the year, the events are probably the largest U.S has ever seen. BlogHer taught Stone to succeed not just as entrepreneur but as a person, as a mother as she is now mother of three kids.


She gave us one of the best advices as she told us to “Remove negativity from our lives”. She explains further that if you want to succeed you need to get rid of the negativity and all the toxic promoters of it, no matter if they are people. On the road to success the negative people can be toxic. So either mend them or remove them. Not just people if it is any sort of thought or concept that stops you from self encouragement, hope and positivity, eradicate it and you are good to go.

2. Never let kids feel isolated

Another magical being is Lauren Thom; who is the founder of “Fluerty Girl”. She started out with her 2 thousand dollars and 5 t-shirts and after 5 months she started to get demands for more and more as the must have items at the stores considered her t-shirts to be mandatory for sale. Today over just few years, she owns 5 stores and is the perfect manager of her team of 30 employees.


As I mentioned in the introduction that for single moms kids are the inspiration and mostly the original reason of the business, so the advice Thom gives us is to incorporate kids in your business, never let them feel isolated. Find ways to involve them, like open a store branch at your home, in any case you have to figure out ways to make your family a part of your business because if you don’t you can become any other mother who chose her career over her family.

3. Get breaks often

Karla Campos is another single mother who is a founder of digital marketing training along with education company social media sass. These days she is running a conference which is intended to provide the reasonable quality social media training to small businessman.


She tells us that Entrepreneurship is not a small thing just like being mother isn’t. It requires a lot of you, as for instance I work till 3.A.M some nights and in just 4 hours you have to drop kids to school, therefore you must be considerate enough for yourself and find time for yourself whether it’s just a fresh year or a small walk. So things are going to mess us in any case as your children are going to trash up house, will play on your computer but be proud about that because you are a super hero and one has to be proud about that.

4. Anything can click an idea

Melissa Keiling is another super hero with the advice she learned by her experience. She started out as she tried to pack lunch for her kids and wanted it to be safe till break. So she invented the first lunch bag which could keep her kids food safe and cool and this initiated the foundation of Packlt personal cooler which advanced in to range of products that can keep things like wines, baby products, medicines, food etc. Packlt is the $14 businesses expanding over 40 countries.


This lady advices to make the best out of your brain and be alert as anything can click your brain. You have to find solutions to problems and only that can lead you to success. You never know what can be your inspiration, so keep your eyes and mind open.



Sadia Sharafat

“Sadia Sharafat is a successful entrepreneur and has been working with FREELANCEPULP and smart electric scooter since a while now; she is an enthusiastic person and always loves to share wonderful ideas of success with folks."

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