4 Best Tools for Managing Freelancers

4 Best Tools for Managing Freelancers
03 Jul 2015

Managing even a few freelancers would cost you a lot of extra time, effort and energy. Also mailing everyone separately due to different nature of tasks, communicating with the each member of team, motivating each member of team, listening to excuses of everyone, dividing work, assigning tasks, uploading them forwarding them really makes me want to say “Dude, get a personal assistant. But do you realize that the technology has advanced so much that you don’t even need to pay an assistant for managing your team.

You have the very much ease of finding free or cheap team management software to manage your freelance team. The new software for management can easily help you sort out the important stuff, manage the workload and meet the deadlines, it’s like a same server where everyone can have access to their work and you can keep the check easily and effectively. The management software makes sure that you don’t miss out any of the important stuff and everything is well balanced.

Underneath are some famous tools for managing your freelancers effectively. In addition all the following mentioned items also run on ios and android to make it possible for you to manage on the go.


1. Basecamp

Basecamp is the management tool which is admired by millions, it is a cloud based technology and has very efficient, easy to understand features. It only charges 20$ a month and handles up to 10 different projects at a time. The efficient design makes it easier to assign tasks and keeping a check of everyone’s responsibilities. The tool can also be set up to send emails to the project members when certain tasks are completed.

2. Trello

Trello is very efficient software which charges nothing for basic use. It is free to use for the basic features. The company also name the attributes of Trello as “whiteboard with super powers” and trust me it has few when it comes to management and efficiency. Trello is basically a visual collaboration management tool which divides work in to several headings like “to do, done, doing”. Trello’s basic features are even so cool that you will not usually need to upgrade it to the business class with $50 a month. The upgrade is also very efficient that it’s totally worth it as it includes many advanced features like Google apps incorporation and “read only’ features.

3. Asana

Asana like Trello is free for the basic use. It is one of the renowned group cooperation tools and it accommodates 15 people at a time for free. Since it’s a group collaboration tool, all the users have access to comment, assign, and gather the tasks in one destination folder. It also gives the user facility to subscribe and unsubscribe from any kind of notifications regarding the completion of tasks etc, which is really helpful in keeping people away from the unwanted pings.

4. Evernote & Azendo

Like all the other famous software it is free for the basic use. The initial idea of creating the evernote was primarily as a task manager, the software is also a renowned project management tool. Evernote is pretty customizable depending upon the nature of work you are handling. The software is efficient enough to keep a record of notes, reminders and other files related to the project. Azendo is also an excellent project management application and Evernote can synchronize with Azendo to provide you utmost ease and flexibility. The tools make it much easier for communicating ideas, getting work done and achieving the targets while working in a team.


No doubt that advancement in technology has made lives much easier and flexible as everything is designed to provide you the utmost ease and relaxation, but a drawback is that it lacks the ability to judge the emotions of people, the spirit of team work, the motivation and many other things. So we must adapt conventional ways of talking to the people who work for us rather than just piling up, do consider that motivation is also a very necessary tool which will help you to get your work done by people. Try to communicate and cooperate with your workers meanwhile never forgetting the qualities of a good leader.


Sadia Sharafat

“Sadia Sharafat is a successful entrepreneur and has been working with FREELANCEPULP and smart electric scooter since a while now; she is an enthusiastic person and always loves to share wonderful ideas of success with folks."

  • Colvin Warner

    For my freelance work I use combination of Proofhub and google drive. Proofhub for collaborating with my team and google drive for storing my files.

    • Adnan

      ProofHUB is really an awesome product I believe but expensive for startup companies or individuals :O

      • Colvin Warner

        It has free plan as well.

  • Adnan

    Is there something FREE available?

    • Sadia Sharafat

      Yes Adnan Trello offers most of it features for free.

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