4 Best Tips for a Successful Business Deal

4 Best Tips for a Successful Business Deal
30 Jun 2015

When making a deal with clients/customers some people face really hard problems and only by playing smartly one can actually be able to sign the deal successfully. The phase between the meeting and signing the deal can be a really difficult one as that time is most crucial and any single wrong thing you do can revert back your client.

Closing a deal means all the I’s are dotted and all the T’s are closed. Closing a deal can be a tough task or taking client to that level of influence that he actually makes a deal is not everybody’s cup of tea, so you need to be really smart and efficient if you are actually interested in closing the deal and making things work.

Our professional successful entrepreneurs have discussed the ways via which even the new entrepreneurs could be able to make a business deal work.

Following are the quick tips that’d help you to get more contracts.

1. Be really sweet and provide extra services

Closing the deal is an art itself as not anyone can do it successfully; closing the deal gives extra time for client to think why to give you the contract rather than your competitors. So you need to be extra careful to make efficient use of the time you get. One really good way of doing this is by sweetening the deal; be really sweet either at the start or on the end days instead of just hovering around client all the time.

First thing you can do for sweetening the deal is by providing freebies of high assumed value. Secondly what you can do is provide support services to the client which may include customer services all together or one on one help as they customer may like.

Efficient businessman knows what the client prefers whether it is quality, performance, incentives, ease and other advantages. Savvy businessman try to add sweetness in their attitude and services to satisfy the client’s wants and needs.

2. Let customers choose the mode of payment

Many entrepreneurs face problems in understanding and choosing the mode of payment customers or maybe the owner is too rigid about payment method and doesn’t knows how customers want to pay.

Mode of payment differs with the target population and preferred choices of customers for instance some customers prefer conventional ways like credit cards, cash, check however with the modern technology the conventional ways are being overcome by the advanced methods such as Paypal, Apple Pay or Google Wallet.

Such ease of choices help the companies to grow the client database and closing more deals by providing range of easy choices.

3. Negotiate smartly rather than greedily

For closing a successful business deal you need to be efficient rather than just greedy. Closing a deal is always tricky for the new entrepreneurs who don’t know how to negotiate. Constantly make sure that just because you want to generate more revenues you don’t become the one always asking for more income and prices.

It’s always hard to leave behind the need and greed while closing the business deals. Decision making should not be influenced by needs and greed. Instead an efficient entrepreneur presents his unique view point and discusses from his position of strength regarding the benefits, features, capabilities and contributions.

It is way better to set prices accurately neither too low to get your standard down nor too high. Many entrepreneurs sell themselves cheap in order to close more deals, so be careful while negotiating.

4. Providing almost free trials

The best way to close a deal is to provide free or almost free selling services of the product or project. Provide nearly free trial so that the customers and clients are satisfied with your well provided services. Some most used examples include 30 days free trial or complimentary no down money services for the product.

A free or nearly free trial is the most easiest way for a client to check your offering and services. so by providing free services you will probably end up getting a highly valued client. A smart business deal must include a trial service or a probation period to practically analyze the things.


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