3 Tips to Manage your Mood at Work

3 Tips to Manage your Mood at Work
04 Aug 2015

Mood is the most influential aspect which motivates you to work; it can even make you day or leave you miserable. Many of us have days when we just want to stay in our beds and never leave home for work, that not actually laziness its basically your mood which triggers your mood. Accepting the fact that this is how it is sometimes don’t make it any good to think often like this because it makes you a bad guy and trust me you wouldn’t want to be that guy.

But meanwhile it isn’t impossible as well, having mood swings because of certain triggering factors are necessary at work. However you need to learn rapidly to manage your mood and don’t let anything bring you down. You must be able to manage your moods because you want to be at the top of the game always, you can’t let anyone get beyond just because you aren’t feeling like it. You must get up every day with the possibility of having the best day and with the hope of never losing. Self-motivation is important at work, because if you have a mentor; odds are in your favor, you’ll get all the necessary motivation but when you don’t have one, you should be your own motivator.

Here are few tips on how you can manage mood in even the worst days at work.

1. Never cease the hopes

Yes you have the liberty to admit yourself that you have a bad mood today morning, but you’ll find every opportunity to make it work. You have to be better yourself as in this time of competition people are enough motivated to leave you wondering. So even if something is going on you don’t get to lose hopes as they are your best partner in the self-motivating road. Also you can use your bad mood to invest in your hopes and never letting bad mood put you through any unwanted situation. For instance you have this big meeting but you are experiencing bad mood then surely your conscious will be entertaining your mood rather than your efficiency, but you’ll be glad to know that you have a full control over it, you must hope for the best to happen and then use the energy of your bad mood to invest your efforts in your hopes. You can also set small goals for that day and just achieving them will make you feel better.

2. Always sleep early

Yes you must have heard a lot about it, but it actually is the best advice you can give to any entrepreneur and it also needs reinforcement because you never know whose advice might click you. So try to sleep early for the next powerful morning. If you don’t sleep early you certainly going to be dizzy all the next day, yawning around and looking for coffee. That’d definitely ruin your mood as well. Therefore for being in good shape of mood at work you have to go to bed early. Sleeping early is always encouraged and in every step of life it is important to inculcate the crux of this idea as it will always keep you on the right road.

3. Learn to disperse knowledge

You know if you actually don’t do anything and don’t achieve any goal of the day or just don’t feel like going to work at all, here is what you can do which will not only act as mood enhancer but also will make your part of conscious effort in the betterment of society. You need to learn to spread knowledge as much as you can. Make someone else your focus even if you aren’t having bad mood issues, because that will keep you off the stress. When you focus on someone else’s problems you will be able to clearly see the world, and what problems others are having and you may find them good motivators for feeling good about yourself. You must also be able to teach someone about the bad experiences you have or how to avoid mistakes that you had. This won’t only grow you within but will also help in betterment of your mood.


Sadia Sharafat

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