3 Strategies for Success of Mobile Application

3 Strategies for Success of Mobile Application
28 Oct 2015

The mobile application world is flourishing every passing hour and the number of apps available is uncountable as are stars in the sky, uncountable. Yet many of them are of great value and becoming of such great value in such huge crowd of your look alike requires not only great effort but technicalities like strategic planning for every step of success. There are almost 1.5 million apps and becoming a part of top 25 list is unlikely for most of them.

Usually when you are targeting the top 25 list in United States, you need millions alone for the marketing or otherwise your app must have qualities to get viral, which definitely is not possible with all the categories of applications. Download velocity is one of the key factors for rankings in iOS and it’s a vital part of Google Play listings as well, so the starting tip for it would be to shift your focus of the market, so when you target Japan market you only need 40% of total downloads in comparison to US downloads.

It is obvious that when you become part of top 25 market chances are great that your number of downloads will also shoot up. Basically the focus of your market is important which in turn depends upon your target population, but usually it’s ideal to target culturally relative markets.

 1 – Choose the right distribution

The globalization has made it easier for all of us to spread over the world irrespective of the borders, therefore it is the easiest way is listed here. When you launch your application in United States, you are automatically supposed to do it in Canada as there is almost same culture in both countries. But there is another way to gain success which is named as “Horizontal distribution” strategy. Some developers for instance have no interest in becoming one of the top 25, instead they focus on being accessible globally.

That is by creating multiple versions of one application, for instance the core app of the company is an application platform for online learning but when you have to study a particular course you need to download its course app. Which makes you available all over the application store but it might lose the ranking for the individual application.

2. App bundling

Another very relative but important thing and just has recently been launched is app bundling. Apple app store, one of the most renowned application store allows the application developers to incorporate their apps in three bundles of 10 different applications.

The advantages of app bundling are many including the easy location of apps and the high income potential. App bundling offers a great value which is a very exciting feature.

3. Clear target population and thus retention

Retention is another question important enough to raise. The most probable answer to this question is that it is much harder than user acquisition.

Some experts state that it is more likely that you retain less than 5% of users over the first 12 months. Usually most of the apps are deleted right after they are installed. The facts say that only 10-15 apps are used regularly by users and others are downloaded and deleted.

Retention is basically the thing which has to do with designing the app and creating great startup process and user engagement. The foremost important thing is to focus on creating the application which is needed most by users. You should be clear about demographics as when you find a particular need of a target population and you answer it with your application, you are more likely to have higher retention. There are many examples of applications which were created for catering the needs of particular group and then they rapidly gain popularity, one such example is starting of Facebook at Havard. Instagram for instance started to cater the travelers and foodies.

This way of retention is definitely way more different than being on stage and answering everyone needs, but you are more likely to have potential results because of this approach. Small groups with higher needs are most likely to give a good retention to your application.


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