3 Family Benefits for Which Every Employee Would Love You

3 Family Benefits for Which Every Employee Would Love You
14 Jul 2015

Family benefits and other perks are very important factors which are considered most by the employees while taking the job offer. Family benefits ensure the employees that the company isn’t only using him/her and is paying for it, but also make them certain that company values its employees. Being successful today requires excellent and skilled workforce, you give them perks and they would do the same work with better devotion. A research shows that companies which gives benefits and perks to its employees tends to progress faster as it is chosen by the well talented people.

The trend of providing family benefits is being integral part in companies today as balancing family and work life is becoming more difficult with the advancements. Today most of the multi nationals employees enjoy family friendly policies by the company which are incorporated to make life lesser hectic for the employees and to compete with the international standards.

Following are the top benefits you can provide to your employees:

3. Educational assistance

Education is the most important aspect when it comes to benefits, quality education can bother your employee a lot when its time and you’ll naturally notice the stress levels and lesser potential in employee’s performance and when you notice that you need to give it a thought instead of kicking out your experienced employee and hiring some newbie.

So providing education assistance in forms of scholarship and other appropriate ways will decrease your employee’s stress levels and there would be drastic change in performance as well as he/she can fully concentrate on work rather than making money. Unfortunately very few companies yet provide educational assistance in forms of loans and scholarships. According to a survey only 13% out of 510 HR Companies provided educational assistance to its employees, moreover merely 2% provided educational loans.

These percentages show that despite all the trendiness and advancements, most companies still lack the basic ability to consider important points.

2. Family leaves

You must take out 100% out of your employees and ofcourse its their duty to do so, but if you want the process to continue with same progression you need to give employee the space to breathe and change of scene. Well if not for trips but for emergency situation likes maternity, paternity leaves, child adaption and medical leaves.

To provide the best perks and work life balance most companies do provide paid leaves and many are progressing towards it, more and more companies are starting to believe that providing paid family leaves will not make employees lazy but will give them the confidence of being valued. The leaves also give employees the opportunity of spending the valuable time with family whenever they need their person. So being a strict boss is not very bad but providing perks will give an edge to employees and it is the best opportunity to take most out of them.

Paid holidays will make employees positive about the company and they are less likely to exploit the opportunity.

3.Onsite day cares

Day cares are the most important family perk which can be provided to any parent and an employee. Day cares and baby sitter trend is very common though but it will divert employees attention and he/she might call twice and thrice to check if the kids are doing fine. The focus of the employee would naturally be lost when it comes to kids and particularly if your employee is a female. In the tough society you cannot just omit potential females because of their families instead you can incorporate ways via which you can take the most out of the employees by providing only a small benefit.

The onsite day care centers are the crucial thing to consider when your priority is a long term employee. The onsite day care center will benefit you and your employee in several ways, the employee would not be defocused all the time worrying about the kids, but the satisfaction that they are downstairs and are doing just fine would boost up the confidence of your employee and increase the value of the company. Most companies today have the onsite day care facility and those who don’t are adapting it rapidly.


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