15 Killer Habits of Unsuccessful People

15 Killer Habits of Unsuccessful People
27 Apr 2015

There are certain habits of unsuccessful people of the world & you can check the list below & make sure you don’t have any of these habit in your attitude because it is important to avoid these points in your personality in order to get succeed. Sometimes we posses some of these habits but we don’t know unless someone point out that for us. So the following list is here to point out those mistakes.

1. Don’t Know what they want to be
Almost 70% of  unsuccessful people in the world are directionless & that is the main reason of their failure. They are doing something or something else but they are not 100% sure why the heck they are doing it.

2. Always Angry on Others
People with failure quality are most of the time angry on others for their own mistakes & that also harm them by losing the circle of good friends & stop learning.

3. Act Before they Think
These are used to act or speak & think after it is fired from their mouth & that cannot be undone as we all know.

4. Think they Know it All
This is very common among unsuccessful people that they think they know it all & this attitude can close the doors to learning new things in life & will make you sticky where ever you are.

5. Trying to Bring Others Down to their Level
They waste their energies to bring others down to their own level. This thing actually helps other to go faster in life & the people with this habit will go further down in career.

6. Give Up Easily
These people are not determine to achieve something in life & they give up on things in initial stages. They don’t realize that they were gonna win the game few steps later.

7. Talk More than they Listen
This habit is a killer for anyone trying to move up in life as this also stops the new doors of learning something. You can only learn something new if you talk less & listen more.

8. Get Distracted Everyday
The people with no direction or goal in life to chase get distracted every other day very easily because of no target to achieve.

9. Secretly Hope Others Fail
This is the main cause of failure when you secretly hope or pray for someones failure. This possessiveness is the biggest evil in looser.

10. Hold a Grunge
Holding a grunge with someone can only harm yourself & it will affect your performance in life because forgiving is the top most lesson in life if you want to move forward.

11. Waste their Time
This habit of wasting time is not only harmful for unsuccessful people but also for the entrepreneurs with excellent established brand because this will make you behind competitors in the race.

12. Think, Say & do negative things
They speak about good ideas but never act on those & keep their self indulged in negative things.

13. Trying to Grab Someones Ideas
Unsuccessful people are commited to work hard & come up with their own idea so in result they used to steal the ideas of others.

14. Have  a Sense of Entitlement
This is a hidden habit but very devastating for they because they don’t achieve anything in life & still hope or associate themselves with some title like CEO or manager etc.

15. Fear of Change
These people are always fear the change because they are week to come up with new ideas & meet the change in their industry.


Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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