11 Ways to Piss Off Your Employees

11 Ways to Piss Off Your Employees
29 Jun 2015

Working in tough challenging environment is always worth a chance as you learn and gain a lot in the process but a bad employer above all can make you give up on any dream job.

You must have read enough articles about how employer can make the team disoriented and formulate situations where you can’t be part of that headache anymore, but here let me share one such personal experience with you. At first I used to thought that I might have lesser potential or something but getting a new job has made me realized that my previous employer was a completely an unreasonable person. At this new job, I get all the perks and rewards equally like others and I’m so happy with it.

Here is what will help you to analyze your employer current piss-ness status.

1. Tight deadlines
Providing a higher workload with tight deadlines and you end up working 60 hours a week even if you work 30 hours/week as you have to meet the deadline. A bad employer with self centered approach would do this task of loading its employees as he wants the work done even beforehand without caring that his employees have a life too.

2. Never paying for overtime
When you ask such a person for the extra hours you put in for his work, he’d rather say oh were you even there, I haven’t seen you doing overtime.

3. Talk a lot but doesn’t listen
Well we all are aware of the basic ethics to be a good listener but a bad employer would love to listen himself talking and ordering around but when you try to involve in a proactive suggestion he’d generally cut off or won’t listen as he thinks he knows the best.

4. Hire anyone who accepts cheap salary
The obsessive self centered boss would never value experience and quality rather he’d higher anyone who is willing to accept cheap salary, such employer would also often fire a potentially experienced person for a cheap freshie.

5. Never support or promotes
Such hasty self lover would only be worried about success of his company; he’d never promote the potentially challenging people. So don’t expect any promotion because he’d never ask if everyone is rightly challenged or can anyone be promoted as a reward of hard work.

6. Commit to clients/customers instantly but doesn’t thinks analytically
You’d also be surprised to see how your boss casually commit the results to clients/customers but doesn’t even think once whether it is possible for employees to do the task in such short time. The demanding employer would never put himself in others shoes and just overloads the employees over his benefits.

7. Giving lesser incentives to employees
No performance rewards, benefits or perks are given when you work for such a bad employer, because the  more he saves from employees the more he has the perks, he pressurizes employees to provide the perfect results but never raise them as an individual.

8. Focus more on dressing and cleaning
If your employer is more concerned about your unclean desk or your tie rather than your performance, trust me you are wasting time. I’m not telling to go casually but there must not be a policy of fine if you were late and forgot your tie or if your desk is messy during work.

9. No help
Trust me the place I worked in upper management only contacted through email and they were only interested in doing so if some finances were at risk. No help is even offered in any case where you need more hands on the deck, “Your job you got to do, we can never come down to it”.

10. Brags about himself all the time
Yeah sure a senior manager can always tell you the things you don’t know as to increase your knowledge, but always advising about the things you are partially aware of or wasting your time with his mostly self made stories, an employer can truly piss you off. Always bragging just shows how insecure your upper management is.

11. Provide favors unjustly
Favoritism is the core destroyer of unity and team spirit of the employees. Like my employer used to let some people work from home and when I asked him how to gain this option he didn’t responded well and asked me to keep out of the way. Such favors truly made me realize that I needed to leave my job.


Sadia Sharafat

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