10 Trendy Ideas to be an Online Entrepreneur

10 Trendy Ideas to be an Online Entrepreneur
01 Mar 2015

You can be a successful Entrepreneur if you are determine & focused on doing something positive for internet surfers. I have compiled of list of proven ideas you can follow to be successful in the world of online entrepreneurship. I’ve witness many people start & grow high profit businesses by working in following professions online.

1. Blogging

2. Freelancing

3. Selling Stock Photos

4. Selling Vectors

5. Buy Sell Domains

6. Online Store

7. Forex Trading

1. Blogging

There has been so much said & written about blogging already but I would like to add my opinion here. The online blogging is successful only if you have 100% unique contents & original writers. The articles you publish should be focused on particular topics like web development, home gardening or technology. You must be prepared to invest some money on article writing to get different kind of articles professionally written. You can visit popular blogs & check what are the trends being populated there & find the missing point to write about on your blog. Once you have few hundred well written articles you can start monetizing from your contents.


2. Freelancing

Offering your services to online buyers is called freelancing & you can start freelancing only if you have certain skills/expertise that are remote buyers are looking for. There are so many categories to work as freelancer like writing, designing, software/web development & marketing. You need to prepare a strong profile & portfolio before biding on online websites & you can refer to my article: Craft a Winning Profile


3. Selling Stock Photos

Again I will not say if you are good photographer you can sell them online, it is just a myth but if you are professional enough to know the trends & buyers need, yes you can sell photos online. For this I suggest to visit popular stock photos websites like Fotolia.com, ShutterStock.com & stockgraphics.com & keep an eye on the type of images being sold there. You will need a high quality DSLR camera & few good range of lens to take photos. These websites along with others are the best source to earn extra cash for you each year.  There are certain requirements of each site before you can upload your work for selling & you need to learn some important photography techniques as well to take high quality shutters.


4. Selling Vectors

If you are not going to buy a DSLR camera its fine, good news is you can sell your vector graphics online use popular platforms like 123ref.com & Vectorstock.com. If you are a graphic designer with 2 years plus experience you can create trendy & highly profitable vectors using Adobe Illustrator. You cannot make much $$ without submitting minimum 500 vectors to different sites but you can start to see your graph up by submitting first set of 20-30 graphics. Here again you need to keep an eye on the trends in vector industry & check top selling vectors before creating your own. Do not copy anything as obviously it will not help you at all. If you are a great artist & you can create top quality vectors, this is your market.


5. Buy Sell Catchy Domain Names

This is an interesting piece of work, you can sign up on Sedo.com & have some cash to deposit there. After sign up you can search or create popular domain names that anybody would love to buy from you. For example, I wanted to buy a domain name called freelancetips.com but it was available at the price of $2500 because someone already booked the name & put it on sedo.com for reselling. Once you have like 10-20 interesting one-two words domain names you will soon hear from some buyer about their offer to buy one of the names you own.


6. Online Store

Selling online is another popular form of business & companies like ebay, amazon are making big money out of it. But for a startup I suggest to have unique products to sell online & this will create your monopoly in that gig. You can sell your virtual product or physical one using your own store or sell through popular stores like ebay.com. You can also create your own store on different websites like shopify.com & then marketing it through google search or social media.


7. Forex Trading

This is big money game but still profitable to work on. There are plenty of websites offering to train you before you start investing on their website. Choose a website wisely & start reading the articles, training material before investment. You can try it with less money first & then dig deeper if you get some reward from your initial money.


All these are popular online business trends & there is always a room for improvement. You can introduce your own unique contents or services to sell on your own .com domain.


Tanveer Ahmad

I am a freelance graphic designer & passionate reader of entrepreneurship magazines.

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