10 facts about Google (You Probably Didn’t Know)

10 facts about Google (You Probably Didn’t Know)
04 Nov 2015

Google hasn’t been the top brand since ever, there was a time when Google was just a small puppy which had a task to retrieve information and fetch files for internet users. Google was given a big kick in 1995, when a research project of PhD transformed this little puppy in to the today’s $367 billion worth project, this former puppy is now loved globally due its efficient approaches to support businesses and aware the world, today’s Google doesn’t brings the links only but handful of information in them which can never cheat you, Google is definitely a wonder on the planet earth.

Knowing that Google hasn’t always been the same Google we know now, there are more facts which will leave you astonished at the end.

  1. The owners of Google met by chance

Larry page was 22 in 1995 and had recently got a degree in computer engineering from the University of Michigan, he came in to Stanford University for his Ph.D. whereas the other Google God Brin was already a Ph.D. candidate of age 21 in 1995 at Stanford, Brin was assigned to show Page the campus of Stanford University on his first day. This is merely a coincidence that the Google masters would be assigned each other.

  1. “BackRub” is the original name of Google

If not Google, then surely BackRub is the name we all would be familiar with as the largest search engine. Basically, Brin and Page came up with the idea of web crawler in 1996 which would be known as “BackRub”. The idea initially was to fetch the backlinks and therefore this name was assigned.

  1. “Googol” a math term gave Google its name

It has always been a curiosity to many that what inspired the word “Google”, the mystery is finally revealed that Google is not a word that just popped in to the mind of someone, in fact it was an inspiration by the math term “Googol” which means a numeric one followed by 100 zeros, the word Google then was created to signify the unlimited amount of data, and binary pair code.

  1. Google didn’t had any office

Ofcourse, initially it was impossible for the university students to get an office for their new research project but they decided to get one soon, so, the first ever office Google had was a rented car garage owned by Susan Wojcicki, it was located in Menlo Park, Calif.

  1. Gmail was introduced on 1st April

Yeah, on the very April fool’s day, though Gmail wasn’t any joke. The company launched Gmail on the very 1st April of year 2004, in an irrationally worded statement which wasn’t take very seriously and many considered it as some joke by Silicon valley Google as always leg pulling has been the tradition of Google. Therefore, the most reliable Gmail, connecting millions of users all over the world was originally considered a joke in 2004.

  1. Google employees get colorful “gBikes” to move in the station

So, the Google employees are given colorful bikes to move around in their Googleplex. This project was launched in 2007, basically the Google’s Googleplex campus commuter bike program initiated with the interesting blue color bikes by Huffys. Right after that came those clown bikes. Today, Google employees have more than 1000 basic colored, basket containing beach bikes named as “gBikes”, these bikes are used over the two mile radius of the Google Mountain View campus. The most interesting this about these bikes is that none of them have any locks and the employees use random bikes which are near to them and get a ride around the campus.

  1. Google took over YouTube over Mozzarella sticks at Denny’s

According to Steven Chen, they didn’t want to meet formally in offices and therefore the most appropriate place for Youtube’s acquisition by Google turned out to be Denny’s at Polo Alto, Calif. The deal was decided over Mozeralla sticks while the hands were shaken. Not a bad deal for Google though but that 2006 deal was a loss for co-founders of Youtube whereas Google paid $1.65 billion instantly to become owner of the biggest video uploading website.


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